GBBO’s Prue Leith reveals the most disgusting thing about hospital food

Prue Leith has revealed the most disgusting thing she's discovered about hospital food since becoming an adviser for a government review.

The Great British Bake Off judge says that ever since her meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson back in June, she's been inundated with letters from people complaining about the meals they've been offered while staying in hospital.

She says people have complained about not getting toast for breakfast, food and drinks being left out of patients' reach, not getting food because they missed lunch time while off getting an X-ray, and disgusting food that comes in "prison trays".

As well as that, she says some hospital patients are offered food they can't manage to unwrap, meals that don't accord with their religion and even food that's dangerous to their health.

But the most disturbing thing she says she's found out is that one A&E patient who'd missed his meal while he was having an X-ray was told he was "in luck" that a patient in the next ward had just died.

Writing in the Daily Mail , Prue said: "One patient, a diabetic, spent the day in A&E, followed by X-ray, with no food at all, despite telling everyone he might collapse.

"At 9pm, he was admitted to a ward and told he had missed supper, but then a nurse arrived bearing a cold tray of food.

"'You’re in luck', she said. 'Someone in the next ward just died — you can have his supper'.

"NHS night-staff complain of vending machines full of junk, with nothing hot or healthy. Visitors complain of poor-quality restaurants and only chocolate bars, biscuits and overpriced sandwiches in the foyers."

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