Gemma Collins admits she 'turns to food' in crisis as she compares eating to 'self harm' on Piers Morgan's Life Stories

GEMMA Collins has admitted she "turns to food" in a crisis as she compared eating to "self harm" on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

The Towie queen was in floods of tears after watching a video clip of people talking about the abuse she has received because of her weight.

Gemma, 40, explained: "That's hard to watch.  I've, well you don't forget it but that's the downside to fame.  I'm a lot more comfortable now in my own skin."

The TV star, who looked sensational in her multi-coloured maxi dress,talked to the Good Morning Britain host about her own struggle with food.

Gemma, who has maintained her incredible three stone weight loss since competing on Dancing on Ice in 2019 through staying active,said: "Yeah. I think I have always turned to food in-in times of crisis. I mean any occasion, if I'm happy I eat, if I'm sad I eat. 

"But I think it's about dealing with your emotions and trying to find a way of dealing with them in a healthy way and not turning to something that can harm you.  Cos it is like a form of self-harm."

Piers went on to read out some of the messages trolls had brazenly sent her.

He said: "The viciousness of that, you know we found some of these messages ‘Please leave TOWIE and die, you hurt my eyes when you come on TV. Please just die you waste of oxygen, you're just a fat attention seeking b…  and so on.' I mean utterly vile."

Gemma spoke about how people would shout abuse at her to her face.

It broke her heart when they did it in front of her mum too.

She said: "It was so embarrassing once, I was taking my mum for lunch, a van pulled up and they started abusing me. It wasn’t for me, I felt so hurt that that happened in front of my mum."

When Piers asked her what they said, she said: "You fat C***. You know, fat cow."

She added:" 'Look at you stuffing your face.' Again, I’m used to it but I didn’t want my mum to hear it."

She said her mum was "very upset" by it.

Meanwhile the Sun Online exclusively revealed Gemma has pledged to delete a sex tape she made — after she got a dressing down from Piers.

She was planning on "doing a Kim Kardashian" and flogging her X-rated vid for £1million.

Piers Morgan's Life Stories airs Thursday at 9pm on ITV.


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