Gemma Collins wants to lose SIX stone through weight loss jabs and is getting boobs reduced from 38GG to a D cup – The Sun

GEMMA Collins has already lost three stone so far this year but plans to shed three more by Christmas using weight loss injections so she can have her boobs reduced.

The TOWIE star told The Sun Online exclusively: "I'd be really happy if I lost six stone as that would bring me down to 12 stone and a size 16."

Gemma, 36, attended the Skinny Jab launch last night in London and claims she is going to start having weekly appetite-suppressing injections again- which cost £250 a pop – after they helped her lose three stone earlier this year.

"Last time I had them, I didn't eat for four days," she told us. "Literally nothing. I just didn't have an appetite. You just don't think about food or being hungry. It's fantastic and really works for me."

She added: "I already lost three stone earlier in the summer but I have put five pounds back on after overindulging on truffle pizza on holiday, which is quite a lot of fat.

"I don't want to put half a stone on and then before you know it, it's all back on, so I'm starting Skinny Jab again on Monday."

And Gemma says the reason she wants to shed the pounds is all for health reasons so she can go under the knife.

She revealed: "My boobs are so big and I want to get them reduced in January, but I have to lose three stone before they can operate."

"My boobs are 38GG now and I think I will go down to a C or a D-cup. The operation is all booked in. I think when you have big boobs, they can make you look bigger and I would just love to never ever wear a bra again."

Gemma, who has tried lots of weight loss methods in the past, including a vegan diet, is confident the injections will help her reach her goal.

"Basically they work by reducing your glucose levels which curb your appetite," she explained. "You can have them every day but I'm going to be having them once a week, injected into my belly."

And she claims she is not worried about side effects or being seen as a bad role model.

"I haven't had any side effects but, I'm not being funny, there are side effects from drinking water," she said.

"I know not everyone is supportive of these slimming aids but people who are overweight sometimes need help and these help you along the way. As long as it's safe, it can help."

The Towie star added she will be helping the jabs along by taking up boxing classes.

"I have just enrolled in my local boxing club," she told us. "I'm going to really get into it."

Gemma Collins insists, however, that losing weight is not about trying to become more body confident as she has always had that in spades.

She claimed: "Honey, I've always been beautiful no matter what size I have been. When I look in the mirror naked, I think I look like a sexy mama.

I've always been confident in the bedroom. I love every inch in my body.

"In fact, I have so much self esteem, if I could bottle it and sell it, I would be a billionaire overnight."

Gemma continued: "This is really all about health for me. Being overweight hasn't affected my life at all… I am fabulous and it has never stopped me from doing anything. But the older you get, you have to think about your health."

The single star, whose turbulent relationship with fellow Towie star James 'Arg' Argent is currently off, also said that losing three stone hasn't made a difference to her love life.

"I haven't noticed any more male attention because I have always had lots of male attention," she laughed. "Besides, I'm too busy working, I'm not on the lookout for a bloke!"

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