General Hospital spoilers: Brad Maule returns as Dr. Tony Jones

General Hospital spoilers reveal that a once-dead doctor may pop up in Port Charles when it is least expected. There has been a lot of focus on Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman) and her family recently.

With her health scare and the drama surrounding both Lucas (Ryan Carnes) and Carly (Laura Wright), it makes sense to one-up the story.

Several outlets have reported that Brad Maule is back at General Hospital. All of them cite the now-deleted tweet put out by Leslie Charleson, who plays Monica Quartermaine.

It was a photo that included Jacklyn Zeman, herself, Brad Maule, and Ryan Carnes. It was only up for a brief moment before disappearing. Speculation is it was not supposed to leak, and General Hospital executives made her pull it.

According to TVLine, it was confirmed Brad Maule is returning to General Hospital. Details surrounding the event have not yet been made public. He will likely return in ghost form, as several other characters have in the past.

Some speculation is that it may coincide with the Halloween season approaching, though it may also happen in the thick of November sweeps.

Brad Maule last appeared as Dr. Tony Jones in 2006. He debuted on General Hospital in 1984 and took his final breath after being infected with a virus that hit Port Charles.

His death was part of the February sweeps that year. Maule was on contract with the show for 16 years, and the last six he remained recurring until they finally killed him off.

Earlier this week, Bobbie and Carly shared a special moment when the mother gave her daughter a special gift. B.J.’s music box was given to Carly for baby Donna.

At that point, many thought it was suspicious to mention her name now. Of course, if Dr. Tony Jones is returning, it makes all the sense in the world.

A first airdate has not been announced, and details regarding Brad Maule’s return to General Hospital are nearly non-existent. With November sweeps on the way, his return is the icing on the cake.

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