Gethin Jones was really scared as name circulated online following BBC scandal

Morning Live: Gethin apologises after Doctor Oscar Duke swears

Gethin Jones said he felt “really scared” when his name began circulating online in regards to the suspended BBC figure.

With the presenter’s identity remaining unknown, rumours have circulated online regarding who the “household” name is.

As a result, several BBC stars have been forced to deny they are not the presenter in question, including Morning Live’s Gethin Jones.

On Wednesday’s instalment of the programme, he said: “I was at a friend’s wedding [over the weekend[ and on Sunday night, I saw my name being spread on social media.

“But then I’m thinking, ‘What do I do?’ I never usually react on social media but in this instance, I thought, ‘I’m going to have to say something’.

Speaking to co-host Gabby Roslin, Gethin said he felt the need to be really specific as to why he wasn’t on the BBC show on Friday or Monday.

He added: “I was really scared at that point because when you see your name associated with something that’s such a serious allegation, it wasn’t a really nice place to be.

“So, it’s been a really odd few days.”

Agreeing, Gabby told viewers that speculation online and on social media is dangerous.

Over the weekend, the BBC confirmed they had suspended a presenter over allegations they had sent a teenager money in exchange for explicit photos.

Although the complaint was raised in May, it’s believed an internal investigation had only just started, which has now stopped at the request of the police.

Since then, further allegations have come to light with a 23-year-old claiming they met with the presenter in question during lockdown, breaking the rules at the time.

Jeremy Vine has called for the suspended presenter to come forward due to many innocent hosts being associated with the scandal.

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On Tuesday, the presenter tweeted: “I’m starting to think the BBC Presenter involved in the scandal should now come forward publicly.

“These new allegations will result in yet more vitriol being thrown at perfectly innocent colleagues of his.

“And the BBC, which I’m sure he loves, is on its knees with this. But it is his decision and his alone.”

Jeremy said speculation on who the presenter is caused his wife to fear for his safety over the weekend as she suggested he wore a hat while at a gig so he would not be recognised.

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