'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Are Angry Over That Surprise Kiss

Grey’s Anatomy once again introduced a messy storyline. Fans are reacting to two characters unexpectedly kissing and hope one of them faces some consequences.

[Spoiler alert: Grey’s Anatomy spoilers ahead of the episode, “Legacy.”]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ showed a surprise kiss

The episode “Legacy” showed Bailey spending more time with newcomer Dr. Jordan Wright (Greg Tarzan Davis). Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) previously brought him to the hospital from Minnesota. He said he was eager to learn from Bailey specifically.

In the new episode, she revealed to him that a friend from NASA called her with a job to run clinical training. Dr. Wright instantly knew it was related to researching innovative devices that would detect space disorientation and abnormalities. 

The rest of the episode showed them bonding over their love of space and having this secret. It ended with him asking her if she was going to take the job. She said she couldn’t and he took the opportunity to kiss her. He instantly realized he had caught her by surprise and walked away.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans are angry Jordan Wright kissed Miranda Bailey

Fans were quick to react to the ending on Reddit. Many of them weren’t happy with the new character.

“I don’t trust this new guy at all. Something about him just puts me off. Like Shane Ross (Gaius Charles),” one fan wrote. 

“How dare Bailey act that shocked, dude has been blowing sunshine up her vajayjay all damn day!” a second fan commented. 

“I need Ben [Warren] (Jason George) to come over to greys and make it known they are married,” one fan wrote.

“But seriously- what person just kisses their boss… except rachel greene during her interview,” one fan asked.

“This ep was so good. So happy that toms back. But wtf was that ending? Jordan kissing Bailey? Come on he knows she’s married and he ‘miss read’ the situation?” one fan wrote.

“Bailey should take the job with NASA and somehow trick Jordan into being sent into space and then just watch him float away while kissing Ben,” one fan joked. “Jordan really thought pffftt.”

What will this mean for Dr. Jordan Wright?

It’s going to be tough to bounce back from that awkward kiss. Dr. Wright could run for the hills, but Deadline reported Davis is now playing a recurring character. So it’s more likely the resident will have to stay and try to adapt after his mistake.

Bailey is still very much married to Ben, and it looks like their marriage is still strong. It’s possible this might lead to a love triangle, but it’s obvious fans are rooting for the chief to stay with her husband.

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