Gwen Stefani Used Blake Shelton's Signature Move on 'The Voice'

Gwen Stefani just used Blake Shelton’s signature move for getting selected by contestants on The Voice. Continue reading to learn how the country singer reacted to his Grammy award-winning girlfriend using his signature move — no, not making fun of former coach, Adam Levine — but his finger point.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton met on ‘The Voice’

The two musicians, who have been dating for a few years now, met as coaches on The Voice in 2014 when Stefani joined the show. Learn why they’re already acting like a married couple here. Shelton’s been a coach on The Voice since Season 1 with Stefani returning as a coach numerous times since she made her debut five years ago. 

The No Doubt singer came back to the show this year for Season 17 after Adam Levine announced his departure from NBC’s successful singing competition, which immediately shocked viewers because he had become a fan favorite. Since his departure, Levine’s said he’s loving life after The Voice. Stefani and Shelton are coaches this season along with Grammy winners Kelly Clarkson and John Legend.

Stefani copied Shelton’s go-to move

The blind auditions have officially come to a close but what caught our eye was not the singing but something Stefani did. She used her boyfriend’s signature hand gesture to get a contestant to join Team Gwen, according to Country Living.

That’s right, she used Shelton’s finger point.

A gesture that’s become so well known on The Voice that NBC made a video of the coach pointing his finger at himself as if to say “pick me” to contestants dating all the way back to Season 1 in 2011.

Watch the video below: 

The country artist who has found great success on the show — a member of Team Blake has won many times on The Voice — has come to be known for his finger point. When one of the coaches poses the question, “Who do you pick as your coach?” to a contestant, the “Sure Be Cool If You Did” singer and Grammy-nominated artist almost always does the finger-pointing move. 

Every season, The Voice starts with blind auditions. And in a recent episode of “the blinds” as they’re often referred to on the show, to convince a contestant to join her team, Stefani pulled a move from her boyfriend’s playbook by using his signature move, the finger point. It appears that Stefani’s learned a thing or two from Shelton. 

Clarkson, also a Grammy award-winning recording artist, turned her chair listening to Injoy Fountain’s rendition of Ariana Grande’s hit song, “7 Rings,” and so did Stefani. The two coaches shared why they’d like to have the contestant join their respective teams and as a last-ditch effort, Stefani used Shelton’s finger-pointing move. 

Shelton’s reaction? To laugh. 

Ultimately, Injoy Fountain went with Team Kelly. So, maybe the finger-pointing only works when it’s done by Shelton? Or maybe it’s his track record of winning that brings contestants to his team rather than the hand gesture? We’re guessing the coach would probably say it’s a combination of both. 

Gwen Stefani’s leaving ‘The Voice’

Yesterday was a big day for The Voice. Fans learned Stefani won’t be returning as a coach in Season 18 of the show.

Taking over for her will be Nick Jonas who has had success as a solo artist as well as a member of the Jonas Brothers with his siblings, Joe and Kevin Jonas. 

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