he View’s Whoopi Goldberg slammed by fans for chewing while on air

The View: Whoopi Goldberg opens show whilst chewing food

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On Thursday, The View returned to screens for another episode of the panellists discussing hot topics and current affairs. However, before the episode was underway viewers noticed Whoopi Goldberg was still eating food and took to social media to blast the host.

The View kicked off in its usual fashion, with the women taking to their seats while the audience roared with excitement and applause.

While Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro waved to the welcoming crowd, the cameras zoomed in on Whoopi who appeared to be chewing.

The moderator then confirmed this, as she introduced to show, with her mouth full.

As she pushed the food to the side of her mouth, Whoopi began: “Hello and welcome to The View.

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“If anybody’s concerned about me by now, don’t worry about it because I have a Tootsie in my mouth.”

As the audience murmured, one of the off-camera panellists could be heard saying: “Oh gosh.”

Justifying her reasons, Whoopi added: “I was in the mood for a little sweet thing, when I came out.”

The actress then turned to the discussions of the day as she continued: “So, here’s what’s going on,” before diving into the first topic.

While her colleagues brushed it off, viewers were unimpressed and took to Twitter with disgust.

An annoyed @observor123 tweeted: “Whoopi is now eating while doing the show? Ugh!”

@plainviewsue complained: “Come on Whoopi. Nobody wants to watch you eating on the show, much less a Tootsie roll.”

A third viewer @Whitneyfan90 demanded: “Whoopi stop eating.”

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Despite the backlash, other viewers found it funny and tweeted their support for the host.

@atiyah9369 wrote: “LOL Whoopi is chewing on a Tootsie roll. Lawd that will take forever to chew.”

While @gramfurn noted: “Whoopi’s chewing a Tootsie roll coming out! She wanted som’n sweet!” (sic)

During the episode, the 67-year-old also took a moment to address the mixed reaction she received from Wednesday’s show.

She and co-host Joy Behar were discussing workplace friendships when she spoke about being happy after getting fired from a job all her other friends had left.

To which Whoopi fake cried and jokingly replied: “Really? All your friends left?”

Speaking on the backlash, Whoopi stated: “I need to take a second. People, Joy, and I were having fun yesterday and once again you have taken it to some other place.

“We have been friends for a hundred years. You know, first of all, if I was upset with Joy, I would never do it on the show.

“I would tell Joy something was bothering me. Please, you know, y’all are making it hard to have fun.”

The View airs weekdays at 11am ET on ABC in the USA.

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