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HEATHER Graham strips off and has sex like a woman possessed in a creepy new horror flick.

Age-defying Hollywood bombshell Heather, 53, plays psychiatrist Dr Elizabeth Derby in the aptly titled Suitable Flesh.

The married professional's life is flipped on its head when she has sex with patient Asa – a troubled man who is being treated for a personality disorder when he's actually possessed by a demon.

The seductive being then takes over Dr Derby's body during intercourse leading to a major change in her character.

During the steamy romp, Dr Derby kisses and straddles her patient before being left orgasmically wide-eyed at the moment she's possessed.

The indie flick has received mixed reviews since its release, with its 90s stylings proving divisive; is it downright cheesy or a loving nod to the era?



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The answer probably lies somewhere in the middle.

Heather herself seemed to be having the time of her life playing the demented doc, pulling out all manner of crazed facial expressions and unholy eye-rolling while unleashing a wicked evil on everyone around her.

It certainly seemed to be a hit with The Independent, who branded it "self-parodic fun", adding: Necks are torn out, breasts are gratuitously exposed, and the film’s closing set piece sees its female protagonists alternating between sapphic flirtation and violent throttling."

However, The Guardian found its "softcore silliness is a bit over the top."

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It took years to get the project over the line with studios fearing the flick was too sexual.

But director Joe Lynch was determined to stay true to his vision, telling Rolling Stone "the sex part was going to be so tantamount to how we were going to tell the story and how character-based it was. It was, in a way, a character of the film."

His number one target for the lead role was "fearless"Heather, who impressed with her work in another controversial, sexual film: Boogie Nights.

He said: "I was just so intrigued by the idea of Heather not just playing straight, but the possibilities of unleashing her onto these other roles, too. I was a fan of Heather’s, obviously, from Boogie Nights and Austin Powers and Bowfinger. Especially Boogie Nights."

It was opposite Mark Wahlberg in the 1997 film that Heather finally got widespread recognition as a young porn star nicknamed roller girl.

The star-studded film documented a young man's rise from dishwasher to porn star in the industry 70s golden era before losing his way in the decadent 80s.

The cast received a Screen Actors Guild award for their 'outstanding performance'.

The actress's next major role was opposite Mike Myers in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me in which she played the glamorous Felicity Shagwell, the parody film's equivalent of a Bond girl.

A career misstep followed in the form of director Chen Kaige's English-language debut Killing Me Softly.

However, it didn't derail her career despite receiving zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes and ranked as one of the worst films of the noughties.

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After a spate of television appearances, including Sex and the City, Heather had a big screen renaissance in 2009 thanks to her role as a kind-hearted stripper called Jade in The Hangover.

The beauty marries hapless dentist Stu Prince [Ed Helms] on a wild night in Vegas with the blurry events playing out in a series of flashbacks the following day.

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