Henry Cavill to Turn Down Captain Britain Role in the MCU?

Henry Cavil is most recognized for portraying the Man of Steel in Warner Bros.’ DCEU. However, all evidence suggests that the actor behind Superman may be taking a leap and appearing on the silver screen under Marvel’s — arguably more successful — mantle. Will Henry Cavill join the ranks of the Avengers in the MCU?

A while back, reports indicated that Marvel Studio heads met with Henry Cavill to discuss a possible role in the MCU; however, the character he would portray remained unknown. While some suggested Wolverine, others clung to another super, Captain Britain. And, most recent insider leaks indicate, according to We Got This Covered, that Captain Britain is most likely the role Kevin Feige wants Cavill to take on. 

Sources close to We Got This Covered — the same ones who told the outlet that Wiccan would feature in WandaVision and that a Nova film was on the horizon — stated that Marvel Studios is considering Cavill for Captain Britain. However, while Marvel may want Cavill, will Cavill want Britain?

Are Superman and Captain Britain too close for comfort?

To say that all superhero roles are the same and that performing in one is akin to performing in another is a drastic generalization, one that works to minimize the entire comic to screen landscape. 

Wolverine — dark and brooding with a cigar in his hand — is nothing like Captain Amerca — the righteous savior with an unwavering moral compass and sense of honor. However, Captain Britain and Superman, unfortunately, do not boast the divergence these two examples illustrate. 

Superman and Captain Britain both boast unrealistically large, masculine physiques and typical hero complexes. Both Captain Britain and Superman possess superhuman strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability. While some powers are different, the main shtick is the same. 

While comic book enthusiasts will argue about the Amulet of Right — worn around Britain’s neck and granting him powers — as well as the two characters’ divergent origin stories, to an ordinary viewer, they will be one and the same. 

Henry Cavill has to beware of future typecasting

Henry Cavill played the superhero, the man beyond other men, once already. Not to mention, he played the part in multiple installments. While chatting with Kevin Fiege was a smart idea, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Cavill walk away from a character bound to catalyze future typecasting. 

Playing a villain (or a superhero vastly different from Superman) would have been an acceptable next move for Cavill— one that wouldn’t necessarily hurt his career. However, playing Captain Britain, after donning the most iconic cape, may not be Cavill’s best next step. 

If Henry Cavill wants to prove his competence outside the action hero landscape, he may have to use his already-attained celebrity status to bring some recognition to independent films — to prove himself in a dramatic landscape on a tighter budget (in a fashion similar to Robert Pattinson who, following Twilight, took on roles to break the so-so acting mold he cemented within the YA franchise). When it comes to Cavill, don’t be surprised if this leak turns up flat. 

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