Heres where Big Brothers Chantelle Houghton is now

Chantelle Houghton won Celebrity Big Brother almost two decades ago after fooling her housemates into thinking she was part of a girl group called Kandy Floss.

She ended up falling for her celebrity housemate Preston and landed lucrative magazine deals and new-found fame after the show ended – but where is Chantelle now? has all you need to know about the 39-year-old reality star.

Chantelle was invited onto a host of television programmes following her Big Brother win, with many hosts wanting to know about her 2006 marriage to Ordinary Boys’ star Preston.

Chantelle and Preston tied the knot in August 2006 at Dartmouth House in Mayfair, London, after a whirlwind romance.

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However, the pair ended up divorcing the following November, with Preston telling new! magazine that their relationship faltered because they were such a high-profile couple.

Chantelle later released an autobiography following the immense amount of interest in her love life.

She met cage-fighter Alex Reid in 2011 and they got engaged after six months together and went on to have a daughter called Dolly.

However, they split in 2012, with Chantelle citing it was because of “a man” at the time.

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Since then she’s kept her hand in television work while balancing being a mum to Dolly. 

Chantelle’s reportedly netted £1.5million from her post-Big Brother ventures.

But when her work dried up due to the coronavirus pandemic, she moved into a different sector altogether and secured a job as a Body Shop consultant.

When asked how Big Brother changed her life Chantelle told “I’ve experienced things in my life that I would never have experienced. When I went on, I didn’t have a great education. That’s no fault of my parents.

“But I have been able to put my daughter through private education and that was something which was never feasible for me and my brother.”

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She also said getting married to Preston was a huge moment in her life, explaining: “Obviously a big thing for me was getting married as well, I’ve got great memories of that. 

“I know it didn’t last all that long but what a story to be able to tell my daughter when she is older. 

She said her favourite memory from her time on the show was “100 per cent Preston”, sharing: “How can it not be? We had such a blast in there and out of there. I have such fond memories of that time we had together in and out of the house.”

She said they still speak and will be “friends for life” with the 41-year-old. 

Big Brother is returning to screens later this year on a date yet to be announced by ITV. 

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