Heres where The Burgundians from Gunthers Millions are now

Gunther’s Millions: Trailer for Netflix documentary

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Gunther’s Millions is airing on Netflix and viewers have learned how a countess left her dog a huge inheritance. The countess enlisted the help of family friend Maurizio Mian to oversee the trust. Maurizio founded a group called The Burgundians and has all you need to know about them.

Where are The Burgundians now?

Michelle Mainoni

Michelle was an actress and model in Florida in the early 2000s when she was recruited by her boyfriend at the time, Lee Dalhberg.

The Austrian-born star was one of the first to join the original five, but she left after she became uncomfortable with the group dynamic.

She explained in the documentary: “As long as we resided in the mansion with Gunther and spent time with him, took care of him, we were just going to enjoy all the millions that he as left.

“And, of course, that’s what attracted me mainly to it in the beginning. I thought it was going to be an amazing opportunity; the fame, the glory, and the money.”

After leaving the group she decided to go into dog sitting as a profession and started a dog boarding business.

She is also engaged to National Sales and Marketing Director at Winning Tax Solutions, Joey Fazio.

Carla Riccitelli

Carla is Maurizio’s ex-wife and it is believed she met him and Gunther back in 1993.

At the time she had been working at an advertising company when she found out Maurizio was working for the dog.

They were married and had a son in 1995, but could not sustain the relationship and decided to split.

Carla is believed to be living in Italy and she still acts as Maurizio’s right hand.

Although their romantic relationship did not work, their business relationship and the love they have for their son keeps them together.

She is still an advocate for animal rights.

Lee Dahlberg

Lee became a member of the group after a chance encounter at a bar.

He became the spokesperson for The Burgundians, but now works as a model and jewellery designer.

His website says: “International model, designer, and artist Lee Dahlberg shares a portal into his life.

“With a strong creative background in the arts including painting, writing, dance, and design.

“Throughout his bold life, Lee has successfully blended his artistry and ambition to craft a truly unique style.”


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All three stars are on Instagram but Michelle has not been active since October 2022.

Carla’s account is set to private but she declared her “love” for Gunther in her bio, sharing a link to his official social media page.

Lee, who is now based in Florida, said he was going to watch the documentary with a group of friends.

He added: “Hope everyone just gets a laugh from it!”

As for Maurizio Mian, the Italian entrepreneur and pharmaceutical heir is now 66 years old.

He was a friend of Karlotta Leibenstein, a German countess who did not have any children to pass her fortune to.

She died in 1992 and decided to leave her money to her dog, Gunther III.

Sadly the dog died meaning the fortune was passed on to the pet’s son, Gunther IV.

Maurizio was tasked with managing the dog’s estate and employed around 30 people to pamper the pooch.

Gunther’s Millions is available to watch on Netflix.

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