His Dark Materials fans disturbed as Lyra is tortured by Mrs Coulter and her monkey

HIS Dark Materials viewers were left disturbed tonight as Lyra was tortured by Mrs Coulter and her monkey.

The youngster and her daemon were viciously attacked by Coulter and her own bizarre daemon for leaving her room when guests were in the apartment.

Lyra was caught listening to Mrs Coulter's meeting with a man from the Magisterium.

The other guest caught her and confronted her leading to Mrs Coulter sending her to her room and doing away with the two men.

But she soon turned her rage onto the youngsters by having her daemon attack Lyra's putting them both in intense pain.

You were angry and you still are," Lyra told her trying to face off against her.

Lyra screamed in pain as her daemon fought to survive against Mrs Coulter's monkey.

"Stop, you're hurting us," Lyra begged as Mrs Coulter simply watched.

Coulter told her: "If you behave in this vulgar and coarse way then we will have a confrontation that I will win. Whenever any guests arrive in future they are going to find you perfectly sweet, charming, innocent, delightful, just as children should be. Do you understand?"

As Lyra said her uncle would stop her from hurting her anymore, Mrs Coluter dropped the bombshell that he isn't Lyra's uncle – he is her father and left the youngster devastated.

Viewers couldn't cope with the harrowing scene with one writing: "Mrs Coulter is hurting Lyra more through that Freudian slip than when she was actually torturing her this bitch better get away from my daughter she's not fit to parent her #HisDarkMaterials"

A second said: "Everybody, needs somebody TO TORTURE. Mrs. Coulter, you bad bad person. #hisdarkmaterials @BBCOne"

Another added: "Blimey Mrs Coulter is upping the evil factor quite rapidly! #HisDarkMaterials"

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