Holly Willoughby threw Phillip under bus as fans slam This Morning speech

Holly Willoughby’s This Morning statement

As Holly Willoughby, 42, narrated her speech to ITV viewers on Monday, she expressed once again her shock over being “lied to” by former co-star Phillip Schofield.

It came after Phillip, 61, admitted to having an affair with a younger male This Morning colleague, which Holly has previously declared she had no idea about.

In a lengthy speech, as she opened the show for the first time in weeks, Holly appeared emotional and ended the monologue with a hug from her co-star, Josie Gibson.

However, fans on the ITV magazine show weren’t convinced by her statement.

Many remarked she had “thrown Phillip under the bus” following weeks of reports making headlines about the presenter.

During and after Holly’s much-anticipated speech, viewers flocked to social media to give their views on the statement.

Many fumed Holly hadn’t done the right thing by Phillip as they accused her of allowing him to take the fall.

Twitter user @Tomster7uk penned: “Well done Holly, throwing your supposed ‘television husband’ and ‘best friend’ under the bus. #thismorning #HollyWilloughby Best friends are meant to stick with one another till death do you apart.” (sic)

@havenlad86echoed this, asking This Morning’s Twitter account: “Can you please paint Philip Schofield being literally thrown under a double-decker bus by Holly Willoughby.”

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@BunmieZoeRadioo added: “@thismorning Her [Holly’s] message is SO FAKE. I don’t like Phil @Schofe but Holly Willoughby @hollywills threw him under the bus & bit the hand that fed her.

“They should have both gone from #ThisMorning Hope #PhillipSchofield is ok & does nothing more stupid.”

“Google ‘give me the definition of throwing someone under the Bus’ …google search 0.0005 secs . Holly Willoughby this morning Interview. She knew and she is covering her a***,” @johnstott1981 shared. (sic)

@otherboo remarked: “Holly throws best friend Phil under the bus to preserve her wholesome image. Didn’t work though #HollyWilloughby.”

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Daisycat1981 posted: “#HollyWilloughby when she goes on about someone we loved lied to us seems a bit dramatic for just an affair. Unless there is more.

“Thrown him under the bus. Appeared fake & insincere. She doesn’t come across as a nice person. #promoteJosie.”

As the show aired on screens, Holly stated: “Hi there, good morning. Right, deep breath. Firstly, are you ok? I hope so.”

She continued: “It feels very strange indeed sitting here without Phil, and I imagine that you might have been feeling a lot like I have, shaken troubled, let down, worried for the well-being of people on all sides of what’s been going on, and full of questions.

“You, me, and all of us at This Morning gave our love and support to someone who was not telling the truth, who acted in a way that they themselves felt they had to resign from ITV or stepped down from a career that they loved.”

“It’s a lot to process and it’s equally hard to see the toll that it’s taken on their own mental health.”

“I think what unites us all now is the desire to heal for the health and well-being of everyone.

“I hope that as we start this new chapter and get back to a place of warmth and magic this show holds for all of us. We can find strength in each other.”

The ITV host added: “Can I say thank you for all your kind messages,” before sharing a hug with co-host Josie Gibson.

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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