Home and Away to air Remi kiss twist, Andrews past exposed and new romance

With Bree still feeling pushed to the side, she organises breakfast with Remi next week on Home and Away.

But they are interrupted once again by Mercedes who poaches Remi to work on their game plan.

After Bree's offers of bringing lunch to the studio are brushed aside, Xander helps her decide that she wants to prove her trust in Remi and she commits to not visiting at all during the recording sessions.

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Tensions are high as Lyrik assemble for their final preparation discussions. Theo’s ideas are shot down, especially by Kirby while Eden and Mercedes are still clashing.

But mood shifts entirely when Lyrik enters the studio and they record a killer version of ‘Hold Onto This Moment’, complete with Mercedes’ string section.

After the session, everyone jumps in Theo’s car to head home for the night, with the exception of Remi and Mercedes who stay for more mixing.

Finally alone in the studio, Mercedes makes her move on Remi.

The next morning, Eden and Cash's romantic moment is interrupted by a barrage of texts from Remi, who reveals Mercedes kissed him.

But there’s no time to strategise when Bree grabs Remi for breakfast.

Sat across from his girlfriend, Remi can’t bring himself to fess up.

Elsewhere, Justin is on edge when he’s notified that an old face from Andrew’s past, his sister, is coming to meet them and intercepts her for a coffee.

Tegan impressively ticks all the boxes and has photographic proof and shared memories of her and Andrew’s early childhood together.

But she also has the intention of taking Andrew away to live with her, leaving Justin and Leah to question what’s best for Andrew.

Andrew is connecting with his sister Tegan, who shares her experience of being abandoned as a child.

Justin and Leah worry Tegan is moving too fast, but Tegan is determined to start a new life with her sibling.

Across the Bay, John continues cooking dinner for Irene in gratitude for her hospitality.

But it’s the thought that counts when the two end up eating out and they appear to be thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.

The duo are in high spirits when they arrive back from suit shopping, oblivious to Marilyn’s apprehension of the blossoming friendship.

Xander shares his suspicions to Mackenzie that John and Irene are romantically involved, and she jumps on the case to catch them out.

Eventually, Mali reveals all to Irene and John who are both gobsmacked to find out everyone thinks they’re dating.

John wants to set the record straight, but Irene has other ideas.

Meanwhile, Marilyn discovers the Stunning Organics are holding a press conference to publicise how they've improved and invite her as a special guest.

The invitation to attend even comes with a payment of $25,000 but before she can turn down the offer, Alf hatches a plan.

At the press conference, Alf storms the stage and shares photo of Roo in a coma. Marilyn then announces she was offered a bribe to be there before The CEO storms out.

With Kirby filming, Alf pressures the CEO for a response and she accidentally publicly declares that she doesn’t care about Roo or her medical situation.

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