Huge death, major exit and explosion: Hollyoaks spoilers for epic stunt week

Hold onto your hats Hollyoaks fans because stunt week is here! It’s safe to say that things are going to go off with a bang – and we mean that literally.

The much-loved stunt week makes it long-awaited return, but this year you won’t have to wait until October to watch things go kaboom, as the highly-anticipated event arrives next week.

Consider us excited.

Hollyoaks boss Lucy Allan warned that this year’s extravaganza would be big and bold, taking place in the centre of the eponymous village and bringing together a number of residents and storylines.

A carnival organised by Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) leads to pretty much everyone getting involved and enjoying the fun – that is, except the McQueens are terrorised once more by arch-nemesis Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle).

Expect the unexpected and with a number of twists and turns in store, this week will be one that you’ll remember for quite some time.

If you’re excited to find out everything there is to know about what’s coming up – and we mean everything – then you’ve come to the right place, as is once again on hand with all the goss.

You’re welcome.

Silas kidnaps Mercedes – and plots to abduct Bobby

With the village distracted by the carnival, Silas sets his grand plan in motion, as he kidnaps Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe)!

The former landlady’s disappearance sparks concern among her nearest and dearest, who head to the police station to report her missing, but in doing so they alert Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox) to his mum’s vanishing.

Mercedes, meanwhile, will be seen trapped in Silas’ evil lair, and she does everything in her power to escape, but it’s no use.

Silas subsequently tasks Olivia (Emily Burnett) with bringing him Bobby, making clear that if she fails to do so then he’ll kill Mercedes!

Theresa and Goldie choose who dies?

 Silas reveals that he has been listening to the McQueens this whole time, as he appears live from their household via webcam and warns them that if they want to survive, they’ll have to play his games. 

Theresa (Jorgie Porter) and Goldie (Chelsee Healey) are among those involved, and they wind up trapped in an escape room. The rules of their mission are very clear – only one of them can get out of there alive!

But who will it be?

Electrifying chess board and a major death is confirmed

If you thought Silas couldn’t get any more Silas then you’re be mistaken, as the serial killer’s grand plan involves a life-size electrified chess board.

Yes, really.

The murderer challenges the McQueens to one final game, in which they are the pawns, and the board in question proves fatal.

Who dies? Now, that is the question, isn’t it? The following day, one member of the clan wakes up in a prison cell, having to explain themselves following a death at the folly.

A huge explosion rocks the village – as Verity and Shaq die?

It’s not just the McQueen clan that are in mortal danger during the epic stunt week as not one but two explosions go off in the centre of the village, leaving everyone in peril.

Verity (Eva O’Hara) and Shaq (Omar Malik) are particularly in danger, as they previously decided to get in on all the fun at the carnival, racing each other on the climbing wall.

Tragedy strikes, however, as a bomb goes off, leaving them with no option but to keep climbing.

Despite making it out of harms way, there is more horror to come for the former lovers as a second and unexpected explosion leaves one of them clinging on for dear life. 

The question is: which one?

Norma’s secret revealed as her and Warren’s lives hang in the balance

Warren (Jamie Loma) is fed up of Norma (Glynis Barber) threatening to kill his son Joel (Rory Douglas-Speed) and thus he takes matters into his own hands, vowing to end the gangster once and for all.

The show’s signature hard-man sets in motion a meeting with The Undertaker, and reckons he’s got the upper hand this time – but little does he know what she’s got in store for him.

Norma ultimately drops a huge revelation that pretty much changes everything. The question is: just what is it?

James wins back his job – and vows to win back his man!

It’s been a tough year for James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan), but things are finally starting to look up for him, after he made the difficult choice to report Norma to the police.

Next week, he has a browse of the carnival with Donna-Marie (Lucy-Jo Hudson), and a chat with Verity proves rather interesting indeed, as she offers him his job back in exchange for him manning the hook-a-duck stand.

James, delighted, dons a Greatest Showman-esque outfit, and does as he’s told, but with luck seemingly in his favour, he makes it his mission to win back his man Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson).

Will he succeed? Or will his luck run out?

The lawyer is, after all, blissfully unaware of the fact that Norma knows all about his double-crossing, given that DS Amaral (Melissa Batchelor) is a corrupt detective.

Is it only a matter of time before she seeks revenge?

Diane and Dave grow closer

Dave (Dominic Power) has proven to be a great support for Diane (Alex Fletcher) in recent weeks, as she struggles to get her marriage to Tony back on track.

Tony, however, abandons Diane in favour of a golf trip with some VIPs, leaving her with a mammoth list of things to do in preparation for the carnival, which proves to be a little overwhelming. 

Dave, however, is on hand to help!

These two are spending a lot of time together, but is it all innocent?

Nadira breaks Juliet’s heart

Nadira’s (Ashling O’Shea) struggles to show Juliet (Niamh Blackshaw) affection continue next week, but she soon receives some words of encouragement from Peri (Ruby O’Donnell).

Afterwards, she makes up with Juliet, but she ultimately has some heartbreaking news for her. Just what is it?

Is this the end of Nadira and Juliet’s relationship before it’s even begun? Does Juliet’s heart still belong with Peri?

Only time will tell.

A huge exit

In the wake of the carnival and killer chaos, someone takes it upon themselves to depart the village. We’re keeping tight-lipped on who it is, so you’ll just have to tune in to find out.

A shock proposal

Mysteries are in full flow during the week in question, which concludes with a surprise proposal. But just who has popped the question? And what’s more, will the other party involved say yes?

Hollyoaks airs these scenes from Friday September 23 at all next week at 7pm on E4.

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