I bought a £1 brooch from a car boot sale – I was blown away when I found out the diamonds were real and worth thousands | The Sun

AN Antiques Roadshow guest who brought a £1 brooch she bought from a car boot sale was shocked to find the diamonds were real and worth thousads.

BBC viewers were taken to Cardiff's Alexandra Gardens to unearth some hidden treasures in the episode.

One woman brought along cheap jewellery she found at a car boot sale to be valued.

She revealed that she paid £1, £3.50, £2, and £1.50 for each item.

Expert Joanna Hardy examined them and congratulated the guest on finding such unique pieces.

She said: "well done, well done you."

The antiques expert then revealed the value of every piece the guest had brought in.

The 22-carat gold emerald necklace, which the woman had hoped was authentic, turned out to be worth £800.

The brooch she brought, which cost £3.50, was worth £800 to £1,200.

But it was the brooch she had purchased for only £1 that was worth a lot.

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The expert revealed that it was made with sapphires and diamonds in roughly 1900-1915 and the jewels were originally shirt studs.

Joanna praised it as "absolutely exquisite" before revealing that it was worth between £3,000 and £4,000.

The lady let out a big gasp, and said: "What? Good grief!" 

"I knew they were worth something but you know, that amount has really blown me away. I'll still be there every week, looking for something new and for something unusual."

Another of her brooches was 18 carat gold with diamonds and was worth between £3,000 and £4,000.

"Quite frankly, you've done extremely well!," praised Joanna.

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