Is the Big Bachelor Twist That Hannah and Peter Are Together?

Hannah Brown created quite a bit of turbulence when she appeared on The Bachelor season 24 premiere and Peter Weber asked her about joining the cast of his season. Hannah, who was just about to start her time on Dancing With the Stars, said she didn’t know how to answer. This, along with some quotes from Peter, have many questioning what actually happens this season of The Bachelor. And now Bachelor veterans Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti have shared their own theory about Peter and Hannah.

On the Almost Famous podcast, Ben asked Ashley if she thinks Peter and Hannah are currently together.

“I think there’s a 50/50 chance that they are,” she said. Ben agreed. “I really think Hannah Brown and Peter could be together, which again, as we talked about, not a bad thing, shocking though, for the world.”

A preview for the season of The Bachelor features host Chris Harrison informing Peter of some shocking news on what looks like the finale day. Could it involve Hannah? Ashley said she thinks so.

When Peter joined the Almost Famous podcast, he said it’s a “reasonable guess” that he hasn’t picked a winner—yet. “That last week for me was just an insane week, definitely the hardest week of my life. I definitely couldn’t have predicted what ended up happening. There’s just no way I could’ve…literally up until the last second, stuff’s happening,” Peter said. “It was the most beautiful experience of my life, but the hardest.”

Ashley shared her theory that after Hannah Brown won Dancing With the Stars, she said she wanted Peter back in her life, and that’s what Chris Harrison tells him in the finale. So, then he’s conflicted and isn’t ready to give out the final rose. Peter said, “I’m excited for everyone to follow along,” and that he couldn’t have predicted what happened to him.

Peter teased the outcome of his conversation with Hannah will be in episode two, but did say if Hannah had come to him before he started filming and asked him to be with her, he would not have done the show.

In an interview with E! News, Peter opened up about what he was thinking about in the that moment.

“I was, as you can see, very confused in that moment with her. And then also, I felt horrible, because I knew I had an amazing group that had just shown up a couple of nights prior. And I’m putting them through this, but I also have to be true to myself, and I can’t fake it if that’s how I’m feeling. It’s not normal, and you guys are going to see what transpires with the rest of that conversation and where we go from there. But I’m happy everyone at least has seen that that we had a beautiful relationship on her season, and you guys will see what happens with that relationship moving forward,” he said.

Read more with Peter in our interview here.

The Bachelor airs Mondays, 8 p.m. on ABC.

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