ITV Emmerdale spoilers – Jacob and Victoria share passionate kiss and Ryan gets crushing news

Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that things are set to heat up between Victoria Sugden and Jacob Gallagher tonight.

Viewers will recall that a few weeks ago, Jacob confessed that he has feelings for Victoria despite her previously going out with his father figure, David Metcalfe.

Jacob made his move after Victoria accidentally caused him to have an allergic reaction at a tasting event.

At the time, Victoria dismissed it, but ever since they have become closer, and it has become obvious that they both have feelings for each other.

That is despite David still thinking that he can get back with Victoria, but he is now attempting to move on by using a dating app.

Now during tonight's episode, which will air on Tuesday, 24 October, David asks Jacob to make his excuses for him on a second date that he accidentally agreed to.

Jacob agrees and ends up feeling sorry for Abby and offers to have a drink with her, but a jealous Victoria watches on from a distance.

As Jacob then sees Abby off, the chemistry between Victoria and Jacob starts to sizzle, and it isn’t long before the pair share a passionate kiss.

Victoria pulls away and hurries off, but Jacob is thrilled with what has happened.

Later in the episode, David gets a glimmer of hope as Victoria offers him some words of comfort.

However, it is clear who Victoria has her eye on and Jacob later goes in for another kiss, but will Victoria reciprocate?

Elsewhere in the village, it is an important day for Ryan Stocks and Gail Loman as they find out if they are a match with their son Oscar.

Oscar has only recently come into their lives, and he desperately needs a bone marrow transplant.

However, tonight, Ryan is dealt a crushing blow when he finds out that he isn’t a match, but luckily, Marlon Dingle is on hand to comfort him.

His pain is eased slightly when a frantic Gail rushes in to tell them that against all odds, she is a match with Oscar.

What will this mean for the couple?

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