ITV Emmerdale star in hospital dash after ‘really bad’ accident

Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten has revealed that she was rushed to hospital after suffering a "really bad" accident whilst out walking her dog on Wednesday evening.

The 39 year old actress, who played Rachel Breckle on the show, took to Instagram to share what happened – later revealing that she has fractured her elbow, which has been left very bruised.

After updating fans on her busy week, Gemma explained: "Then I fell. Literally. Really badly on the walk home with Ruby on Wednesday night.

"I then went to A&E and discovered I've got some nice little chips of bone off my elbow and now I've a glamorous sling & a heap of painkillers.

"Why am I sharing this? Well, to say – that's life! It's got it's ups & downs, but it's how you handle it that is the game changer.

"I'm so blessed for this week. I'm so grateful for the moments, the friendships & the support of all I'm striving for. But most of all I'm proud of myself & how I have reacted.

"As the quote goes – 'our greatest glory is not in ever falling, but in rising every time we fall' CONFUCIOUS.

"I'm grand, I'm feeling so positive and empowered and considering the girl I was – I am bloody delighted with the open, authentic, vulnerable, bounce back ability woman I am becoming.

"Life is a journey. Keep learning. You matter."

Later, she shared a snap of her bruised arm as she held up her elbow and wrote: "News in. It's just a b****y fracture. Lordy."

Just a day prior, Gemma had posted on Instagram about her beloved 'Schnoole' dog Ruby going to the vets for tests after suffering seizures.

She said that Ruby was "vulnerable and scared" during the tests, which made her feel "vulnerable" too.

Hours later, in the comments, she thanked her fans and followers for their support, as she further spoke about her injury sustained on the walk.

She wrote: "Thank you all so much for your support and kindness it means the world to me sorry for round robing reply but just found out I've fractured the elbow as opposed to chipped a bone and have been told to rest as much as possible around work.

"Ruby – we are investigating high blood lipid levels (triglycerides and sometimes cholesterol) without a known underlying cause. This is also referred to as primary hyperlipidemia. Much love to you all, you're amazing xxx"

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