Jeremy Vine claims scandal-hit BBC presenter hopes he can one day return

Jeremy Vine says BBC presenter is allegedly feeling ‘angry’

Presenter Jeremy Vine has claimed the BBC presenter at the heart of the photo scandal wants to remain anonymous with hopes of one day returning to the broadcaster.

As speculation mounts regarding who the presenter in question is, many stars on the BBC have started to come forward to confirm it’s not them.

On Wednesday’s instalment of Jeremy Vine, the presenter said: “It’s his decision, but he needs to come forward now. I know his survival instinct has kicked in.

“I know he saw what happened to Phillip Schofield but, my god, look at the damage to the BBC.

“Look at the damage to his friends, to those falsely accused and the longer he leaves it, the worse it will be for him.”

Guest Carole Malone questioned Jeremy, who has spoken to the BBC, as to whether or not the broadcaster feels let down that the person has chosen not to come forward.

He replied: “I know the individual concerned. I am very worried about his state of mind and what this is doing to him.

“I haven’t seen him but I gather from somebody that he is described as angry and keen to play it long.

“To me, that means he wants to be anonymous for as long as possible hoping that one day he can walk back into the building.”

The discussion on the Channel 5 show comes after Jeremy tweeted on Tuesday afternoon that he believes the presenter should come forward and reveal who they are.

He tweeted: “I’m starting to think the BBC Presenter involved in the scandal should now come forward publicly.

“These new allegations will result in yet more vitriol being thrown at perfectly innocent colleagues of his. And the BBC, which I’m sure he loves, is on its knees with this. But it is his decision and his alone.”

During his show, Jeremy stated that in light of the fresh allegations being made yesterday, BBC director Tim Davie may have no choice but to sack them.

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He continued: “Bizarrely, as I understand it, even if the presenter is sacked, the BBC may not be allowed to name them.

“This is why it keeps coming back to the presenter and he has to show, the presenter has to show some degree of concern for those people, and I am one of them, who has been falsely accused.”

Jeremy revealed his wife feared for his safety at the weekend over the scandal and suggested he wore a baseball cap to avoid being recognised.

Jeremy Vine continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 9:15pm.

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