Jordan Klepper Plays It For ‘Daily Show’ Laughs At A Pennsylvania Trump Rally

Comedian Jordan Klepper visited one last rally for President Donald Trump earlier this week, doing the usual man-on-the-street jousting with supporters of the Republican candidate.

The cold and rainy day of the rally was unusually subdued by Trump gathering standards, Klepper reported.

“It’s eerily quiet,” he said. “You can hear a QAnon push notification ding in someone’s pocket.”

Klepper discovered that knowledge of the alleged pay-for-play dealings reportedly found on Hunter Biden’s laptop was scant among the attendees. Likewise, the bombardment of questions on other issues left most unable to respond like a skilled political pundit.

“If this somber attitude was a reflection of what could happen on Election Day, are these folks prepared for a world post-Trump?” Klepper asked.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.



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