Kate Garraway opens up on ruined family holiday with husband Derek

Kate Garraway recalls Derek being stuck in passport line

Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway recalled the moment she and her family thought they weren’t going to be able to go on holiday with Derek Draper after getting stuck with his wheelchair.

Kate and ITV co-presenter Richard Madeley were joined by Martin Hibbert who was left paralysed after the Manchester Arena bombing back in 2017.

Martin explained how he was making progress personally, but felt there needed to be more progress made when making things more accessible for disabled people.

Kate strongly agreed with Martin’s opinion and recalled a moment where she and her family felt let down after thinking they weren’t going to be able to get Derek on holiday.

She explained: “You know when you go through and you put your passport on the scanner, before that you couldn’t get a wheelchair through.

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“They had put one in at vast expense but when they came to do it with Derek, disability has a wide range doesn’t it?

“He hasn’t got the cognition you have got or the strength you have got in your upper body, we realised that we couldn’t get him into the country.

“He went forward, the door locked but the disabled person has to free it and you’re not allowed because of the border to do it yourself.

“So he was stuck between no man’s land between two borders for about an hour or so and that is even when conscious effort has been made.”

Kate has made numerous documentaries about her husband’s recovery and how her family’s life has been affected by his 24-hour care.

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However, she recently gave an exciting and positive update on Derek’s recovery when she revealed he was able to speak again.

Back in June, she joined the Loose Women panel to discuss how she was coping and how Derek had been doing.

She explained: “It’s very much a whisper. I don’t think we’re necessarily going to have a conversation, but you get fantastic moments.

“Billy had a new basketball and was bouncing it, and he said, ‘Is that new ball?’. He said: ‘It’s nice’…

“Seeing him able to was amazing. Billy was in tears; they were hugging. It’s things like that that really lift you up, and the next day he was really still.”

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