Kate Garraway says she hasn’t seen Derek since Christmas in ‘tough’ admission

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Kate Garraway has revealed she hasn't been able to visit her husband Derek Draper in hospital since Christmas.

Derek, 53, was tragically hospitalised with coronavirus last March, and was admitted to intensive care after his condition quickly deteriorated.

While he no longer has the virus in his system, the former political lobbyist is currently suffering from a form of coma, named a Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness, which renders him almost completely unresponsive.

Kate had been permitted to visit Derek in hospital last year, but with the rising rates of coronavirus in late 2020, wards have clamped down on visitors in recent weeks.

On Thursday's Good Morning Britain, appearing alongside her co-star Ben Shephard, she was asked: "How is Derek doing?"

Kate replied: “I haven't been able to see him since Christmas. He's back to seeing strangers in masks."

“It's tough," she added.

The heartbreaking revelation came as Kate explained her recent absence, having spent some time resting at home following a bout of illness.

Praising the network for offering her some time off, she said: "I've taken some time off.

"On ITV they've very kindly given me some time off. I haven't been feeling very well – I think it might be one of those things where chickens come home to roost after a long year that we've all had."

The mum-of-two explained she had been taking medicine and getting lots of rest, recuperating after an incredibly stressful and traumatic year.

She said: "I just took some holiday leave – at home, I know holidays are controversial – within the four walls of my home. I had a lot of sleep and a bit of medicine and feeling much better, thank you."

Ben, who has been Kate's pal for 20 years, then joked: "Right, well you've got to bear in mind that a bit of time off for you is a bit of time off for us as well.

"So it works all round."

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