Kevin Spacey Asks Judge To Throw Out Anthony Rapp Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Kevin Spacey has filed yet another motion in federal court in his ongoing battle with actor Anthony Rapp over alleged sexual abuse.

Spacey’s lawyers asked a judge Friday to dismiss Rapp’s sex abuse lawsuit, claiming the allegations made about Spacey’s conduct at a 1980 party were false and never occurred, the Associated Press reported.

Rapp, who has appeared in the Broadway production of Rent and TV’s Star Trek: Discovery, has claimed that at age 14 he went to a party in 1986 at Spacey’s Manhattan home. That’s where, he claims, a 26-year-old Spacey “engaged in a sexual advance” by grabbing Rapp’s buttocks and lifting him onto a bed and laying on his body. Rapp claimed he “was forced to extricate himself” before leaving the party.

Spacey’s lawyers contended that the encounter of less than 30-seconds had only fleeting contact with an “intimate” body part, and that Rapp was easily able to extricate himself. They claimed that contact between Spacey’s hand and Rapp’s buttocks was not for the purpose of sexual gratification or to degrade or abuse Rapp.

They said Spacey “flatly denies” that any of what Rapp described took place. Rapp’s lawyers have not yet commented.

Rapp first made the claim in 2017, prompting others to come forward and basically end Spacey’s acting career. Spacey issued a statement at the time, claiming he didn’t remember the Rapp encounter, but apologized.

A criminal case brought against Spacey from a indecent assault and battery charge of allegedly groping an 18-year-old man at a Nantucket resort was dismissed in 2019.

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