Khloe Kardashian fuels nose job speculation as she looks unrecognisable on Instagram

KHLOE Kardashian has appeared on social media – leading fans to think she's had a nose job.

The reality TV star looks a million miles away from her former self in a pouty video and pictures on Instagram – as fans beg her to 'stop having surgery'.

The blonde star captioned the post: "Hydrated and healthy!" But fans were quick to comment on her changing looks – and more prominently – her evolving nose.

One of her 98 millions followers commented: "I’m surprised a nose job can turn out that bad when you have so much money."

One follower queried: "Why do all that to your face? Just why??? I loved the original Khloe."

Another wrote: "Quite a few surgeries there. Slow down, girl. You look pretty but the old you looked better."

Another called her Donatella [Versace] and another wrote 'her nostrils are so tiny it looks weird'.

One follower commented: "She's had so much surgery it looks weird."

While others applauded her for looking good calling her 'ravishing' and 'so beautiful'.

Many fans backed her up and one said: "I freakin' love you Khloe. You look amazing! Don't let these people stop you from what you want."

Khloe has been hit by nose job rumours in the past but has previously denied it.

She even went as far as doing a contouring make-up tutorial for her fans in July for Vogue to prove that cosmetics can change the shape of a nose.

Although she's adamant that she's stayed away from the surgeons and it's all an illusion – fans beg to differ and the family's changing faces are alarming.


On having facial fillers, she said she wasn't a fan and wouldn't be having them again. She said: "They did not work for me.

"I looked crazy and I still think the effects are in there. I went to have it all dissolved like, three times."

She insisted:"My face was so f***** I had to go and get this whole thing dissolved.

"It was a bummer and now I’m afraid to do it again. And I’m almost like, I swear things are still in my face.”

In 2016 she said about the nose in question: "I don’t feel pressure to get plastic surgery.

"And I appreciate that I didn’t succumb to what everyone has always said in the past, like, 'You gotta get a nose job, you gotta get a nose job.'

"If I felt like I wanted one, I would’ve. And if I want to do something, I’ll totally do it – I don’t care and I’ll be the first one to say, 'Look what I just did!

"This is my doctor, let’s do an interview with him and give me the free nose job!'"

More recently she backtracked and admitted: "One day I think I'll get one because I think about it everyday. But I'm scared, so for now it's all about contour."

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