Kim and Gabby clash over police in Emmerdale as enemy could destroy them

Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) was still in her pyjamas at the start of Monday (July 17)’s Emmerdale episode – on a work day, as well. Kim Tate (Claire King) was understandably not impressed and she was in no mood to indulge Gabby’s self pity as she continued to fume about being dumped by Nicky (Lewis Cope).

The fact that Gabby had been stood up on a date and had happened to see Nicky enjoying a drink with Suni hadn’t improved her mood at all, and she was out to get revenge against the man who’d dumped her on her wedding day. In fact she’d vowed that Nicky and Caleb (William Ash) would ‘wish they’d never even met her.’

She told Kim and Dawn (Olivia Bromley) she’d decided to hire a private investigator to find out everything about Nicky and Caleb. ‘You’d be wasting your time. I already did that,’ said Kim, because of course she did. Kim said that they hadn’t found anything and Gabby was going to have to let it go.

Later on Gabby had at least managed to get dressed, but she was still completely focused on Nicky. Kim and Dawn were surprised when there was a knock at the door and a police officer arrived. Gabby had decided to report Nicky – and Kim did not look happy.

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Nicky told the officer that Nicky had lied about his surname being Fox and ‘impersonated a nanny.’ The officer said that wasn’t illegal unless he falsified his references. Gabby jumped on that comment, because of course Nicky must have given false references. Kim quickly shut the conversation down, saying that she’d never bothered to chase up any references because Gabby had been so keen to employ Nicky.

Dawn realised what Kim was doing and said that Nicky had been a good nanny. ‘Clemmie (Mabel Addison) loved him,’ she said. ‘And so did Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall).’

Angrily, Gabby realised she wasn’t getting anywhere with the Nicky angle and moved on to Caleb, telling the officer that Caleb ‘was trying to con us all.’

Again Kim stepped in, saying that it was a business deal that went badly, ‘But all perfectly legitimate. Nobody got conned.’

Gabby was starting to look quite despondent and Kim made things a whole lot worse for her when she explained to the police officer that Gabby was upset because ‘her fiancé jilted her on her wedding day because he’s gay.’ Obviously not a police matter, so the officer left, leaving Gabby looking shell-shocked at how her cunning revenge plan had turned out to be such a damp squib.

‘I saw those references, I know I did,’ she insisted afterwards and Dawn said that she had too. ‘Dawn’s smart enough to know when to keep her mouth shut,’ Kim said, adding they’d be shredding the references.

‘The last thing we need is the police digging around,’ she explained. She knew that if the police talked to Caleb and he felt under threat he would have no hesitation in telling them everything he knew about Kim’s business operations, with the implication that there was plenty of stuff that Kim would rather keep quiet.

‘He knows too much,’ she said. ‘Just leave it. Do as you’re told, Gabby.’

Is Gabby smart enough, like Dawn, to know when to let things go? Or has she been too hurt by Nicky to know that pursuing a vendetta against him could cause far more trouble in the long run?

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