Leyla's life in danger in Emmerdale as she tries to take down drug dealer Callum

Since Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) finished her stint in rehab in Emmerdale she’s managed to stay clear of drugs despite the breakdown of her marriage with Liam (Jonny McPherson).

She was tempted to go back to cocaine at one point but managed to resist, although her son Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) came in at that precise moment and thought he’d caught her about to relapse.

This led to Jacob taking matters into his own hands by confronting her dealer Callum (Tom Ashley) – an encounter which led to Jacob being stabbed with a knife he’d brought for protection and almost losing his life.

The loss of Priya (Fiona Wade), who moved to London after getting a job that was initially promised to Leyla, was another blow for the wedding planner and in the wake of this she’s been spending more time with Suzy (Martelle Edinborough), who was previously her drug buddy. This friendship has made Jai (Chris Bisson) uneasy and he’s warned Leyla that he doesn’t think her spending time with Suzy is a good idea.

So in coming episodes when Leyla and Suzy go for a night out together Leyla is somewhat nervous that being in that atmosphere with Suzy might tempt her to relapse. Suzy reassures her that she’s worrying unnecessarily and she should go out and have a good time.

They go to a club, and Leyla is troubled when she spots Callum. Still raging over what happened to Jacob, she’s determined to make Callum pay, though Suzy cautions her that he isn’t someone to be messed with and she needs to be smart.

So Leyla starts to covertly record him while he’s carrying out a drug deal, and the police are soon called and Callum is arrested. Leyla can’t resist letting him know that she’s the one who caught him.

But Suzy warns her that she’s made a terrible mistake, and Callum is far more ruthless than she realises.

Has Leyla just placed herself in danger?

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