Linda's fresh agony over the loss of Mick in EastEnders

Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) is eager to throw a coronation party in the Queen Vic, but recent events in EastEnders have left Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) distracted.

With news of Janine Butcer’s (Charlie Brooks) sentencing hanging over her, Linda is feeling more down than ever.

Though Alfie tries to distract her with talk of a coronation party, nothing he says or does can cheer her up, especially when Janine’s sentence is revealed.

As Alfie tries to console her, she is consumed by the loss she feels for childhood sweetheart Mick, who went missing at sea on Christmas Day.

She tells a disappointed Alfie that she can’t face throwing a Coronation party, especially without beloved Mick by her side.

Mick and Linda were the loves of each others lives, until Linda’s alcoholism and relationship with Max Branning drove them to breaking point.

They reunited all too late, following Mick’s marriage to Janine and the subsequent revelation that she had framed Linda for drink driving earlier in the year.

After confessing their love for each other, they ventured out after criminal Janine and a car chase ensued, resulting in Janine driving off a cliff with Linda in the car and Mick jumping in after them.

Linda has found coping with the loss extremely difficult, despite her friends rallying around.

Eager for the coronation party to take place, Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) makes it his mission to convince Linda to hot it in the Vic.

In an attempt to sweeten the deal, he pulls at her heartstrings by making a beautiful gesture to include Mick in the celebrations.

Will Linda go ahead with the party in Mick’s memory?

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