Line of Duty boss gives exciting update about series 6 release date

Jed Mercurio, the writer and show runner behind BBC favourite Line of Duty, teased fans with news about the upcoming sixth series.

Line of Duty's fourth season aired in 2017, and viewers had to wait two years for the highly anticipated next instalment as Jed focused on his other TV show, Bodyguard.

The fifth series finale was broadcast earlier this year, and fans are already wondering when the all-star cast will be back on the small screen.

Speaking to Radio Times about the sixth series, he explained the team are "working towards a date".

He said: "That's something that we have at the planning stage, so we are working towards a date. We can't confirm everything until things are in place.

"I would hope it's sometime in 2020, next year. But that's not something that we're able to confirm."

The previous three series of Line of Duty have begun in March.

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When news of the start date hit Twitter, Martin Compston, who plays Sergeant Steve Arnott in the crime drama, playfully tweeted in a nod to his character's wardrobe choices: "Still negotiating the waistcoat budget."

The finale of series five, broadcast in May, divided viewers over a major twist in the plot with many hoping the storyline of "H" would finally be answered.

The fifth series focused on the illusive "H" character – a corrupt, high-ranking official involved in organised crime from within the police force.

However, the final scenes did not reveal the identity of notorious "H", as it transpired there is no one called "H", rather a group of officers instead if one individual.

The group is made up of four officers, three of which are either dead or behind bars, but one is still at large.

Bring on next year!

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