Little People's Tori & Zach Roloff set for 'awkward' run-in with Audrey & Jeremy at matriarch Amy's wedding after feud

LITTLE People, Big World stars Tori and Zach Roloff will come face-to-face with Audrey and Jeremy amid their nasty family feud at matriarch Amy's wedding this month, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

The two couples, who have barely spoken in the past year after brothers Zach and Jeremy fell out, will attend the big day at Roloff Farms on August 28 when Amy ties the knot with fiance Chris Marek.

A family insider told The Sun the tension "has eased" over recent weeks but their run-in could still be "incredibly awkward" for the four who are no longer close.

"Both brothers Zach and Jeremy are invited to Amy and Chris' wedding later this month with their wives, and they will definitely be attending," the source said. 

"Everyone knows they haven't seen eye-to-eye in a long while, but there was never any question to invite one couple over the other. 

"It could be incredibly awkward for them to spend all day at the same wedding, but the family would like them to get along more. 

"It's been a long time since they've been close after the brothers fell out, and the women took sides, but things are getting a little better. 

"This could be a chance for them to finally put the past behind them and act like family again, and for the cousins to interact more."


The insider added: "Time will tell as to whether they end up totally avoiding each other, or the occasion pulls them closer together."

A source previously told The Sun Tori and Audrey "always got along," but their husbands got into a huge argument one day and "everything changed."

The fall-out was centred around lack of respect, as Zach felt he didn't get enough support from Jeremy, but he didn't agree, the insider claimed.

"It exploded and there was a lot of mud-slinging, resulting in the two couples keeping their distance," they added.

But things seem to be on the mend, as both Tori and Audrey shared a throwback photo of their children together this week on Instagram.

The moms re-posted snaps from a friend showing Tori's son, Jackson, and Audrey's daughter, Ember.

The post showed Jackson, four, and Ember, three, along with two other little ones, back in 2018 and then again this year.

It comes after Tori decided to shrug off Audrey's pregnancy announcement, following her own devastating miscarriage.

The TLC star failed to congratulate the soon-to-be mother of three, despite other family members doing so.


Audrey and Jeremy are already parents to son Bode James, one, and daughter Ember Jean, three.

Tori recently revealed her "painful" struggle to get pregnant again, writing to fans about how "hard" it had been after discovering she would have to wait "another month" after not conceiving.

"Today's hard, I'm not usually a downer, but today's hard," Tori said ahead of the latest episode of the reality show, which showed her pregnancy woes.

She continued: "I found out today it'll be another month of waiting. Another month of praying. Another month of telling friends and family, 'not yet.'

"I really thought I would pregnant again by now. So many people told me after a loss it usually happens so fast. That’s not our reality."

Tori and her husband, Zach, already share children, Jackson and Lilah, one.

Meanwhile, the two couples will come together when Amy, 56, gets married to Chris, 59, on her ex Matt's family farm, which The Sun exclusively revealed earlier this year.

Despite letting them use the pumpkin farm in Hillsboro, Oregon, Amy has revealed her ex and his new love, Caryn Chandler, will not be invited to their big day.

An insider revealed Matt, 59, and Caryn, 53, couldn't be happier about the decision after talking it through with the couple and plan to skip town.


The source explained: "They are more than pleased to not be going to the wedding, and plan to go to Arizona for a romantic break where they have a vacation home.

"They got Amy and Chris a little gift to show their appreciation as they're on much better terms, but they're glad they won't be attending, it would be too weird for everyone.

"Matt and Caryn just want them to be able to do their own thing and feel it will be over before they know it.

"Amy and Chris are able to use the farm for free, but they are of course paying for their own wedding."

Amy went on Instagram Live with her pal Lisa Dixon and she shared some head-turning news about her upcoming nuptials.

It kicked off when one fan asked the LPBW star: "Will Matt and Caryn be at the wedding?"

To which Amy replied: "No. No, just too much history, and I wouldn't want my ex at the wedding with his longtime girlfriend."

Lisa then interrupted with: "Didn’t Caryn say on the show she wouldn’t even want to go? And I also thought it was interesting that [Caryn] just called herself 'Matt's longtime girlfriend.'"

Back in April, a source exclusively told The Sun Matt and Caryn hadn't received their invites, however, they were expected to attend the ceremony at that point.

The two women have history, as Amy wrote in her 2019 book, A Little Me, she believed Matt had more than a working relationship with their then farm manager Caryn.

She wrote: "I saw messages, pictures, and other things that should have not been shared between people who just worked together and were still married to other people… I was devastated…"

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