Lorraine fans slam car crash interview as Liz Jones ex blasts her on air

Man slams ex-wife in Lorraine interview

Lorraine viewers were left baffled by an “awkward’ interview between stand-in host Christine Lampard and a divorcee blasting his ex-wife.

Journalist Liz Jones recently explored whether or not meeting up with an ex is a good idea, and her former husband Nirpal Dhaliwal joined the ITV show on Friday to give his verdict on how the experiment went.

Nirpal didn’t hold back as he slammed his ex and complained about her throughout the interview rather than talking about the journalistic piece.

Viewers were left feeling “uncomfortable” as they watched the guest harshly criticising his ex.

Twitter user @Reality41182231 penned: “Oh dear… I am dying inside, what a car crash. Why are they giving this bloke airtime #Lorraine.” (sic)

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@kaikouramonkey added: “Gawd, the interview is so awks #lorraine.” (sic)

@LisaMayle asked: “Is this guy ok??? #lorraine #akward.”

“Well that was uncomfortable #lorraine I’m hoping Christine Lampard’s laughing was nerves and not her thinking that awful man was amusing. #lizjones,” @mrandmrsh shared.

@ScullyScully73 posted: “He’s sounding scorned still #Lorraine.”

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Christine tried to explain the background of the experiment as he stated: “She did feel very early on in the marriage – in fact, on the wedding day – where you got married and then you disappeared with your mates… She sort of felt from day one that it wasn’t right,” Christine explained.

“Oh, Sherlock Holmes. I wonder how she picked up on these breadcrumbs of information…” Nirpal fumed.

He continued: “I was 26 when we got together, she’s 42…”

“So you should never have been married, is what you’re saying?” Christine clarified.

“No, we should never have been married,” the guest confirmed.

Christine went on: “And meeting up with an ex can be a good thing, only to confirm you made the right decision to end it?”

“Yeah, and also to just get her to shut up!” Nirpal snapped.

He added: “Having her as an ex-wife is like having an ex who drives around your neighborhood with a loudspeaker once a week, just moaning, ‘You never took the bins out, he was having it away with so and so’ at three o’clock in the morning, your whole neighborhood knows about it.”

Christine made sure to point out how Liz wasn’t there to defend herself against the claims.

Lorraine airs weekdays from 9am on ITV.

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