Lorraine Kelly loses it over Extinction Rebellion chaos: ‘Somebody is going to get killed’

Lorraine Kelly, 59, joined Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid, 48, and Ben Shephard, 44, to inform them what was coming up on her chat show once the news programme had finished. However, following the breaking news there had been severe chaos on the Jubilee line and DLR this morning as Extinction Rebellion protesters took action against climate change, the ITV presenter couldn’t help but offer her view on the unfolding story.

Many commuters have faced disruption to their travel this morning, with four arrests made so far as police have had to intervene to deal with protestors taking to the roof of the tube carriages.

Susanna and Ben had to disrupt a debate about veganism to discuss the breaking news with their guests who were all in shock at the scenes from the protests.

The presenters also spoke with members of the public who had been affected, with scenes of protestors being forcibly removed to try and get the source of transport underway.

Following the discussion, the pair then spoke to Lorraine, who was in disbelief at what she had been watching and hearing.


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The chat show host declared: “This is horrendous,” before adding: “I don’t recognise what’s happened to my country.

“What’s going on?” the presenter asked.

“Absolutely horrible. People just trying to get to their work for goodness sake on the train there which is electric anyway.

“I just don’t understand. It doesn’t make any sense to me,” Lorraine opined as spoke with her colleagues.

Somebody is going to get killed.

Lorraine Kelly

“I think all of us have got sympathy for what they’re trying to do and then it’s just the way they’re going about it’s just so toxic and so divisive.”

As she continued to rage, the television personality warned: “Somebody is going to get killed.

“It’s just nuts. Absolutely nuts,” she exclaimed.

Extinction Rebellion have caused major disruption with their protests for several weeks in the capital, trying to get the government to take greater action against climate change.

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In light of this morning’s disruption, Susanna and Ben managed to speak with one of the protestors who didn’t take to the roof of the carriages, but was present at the tube stations affected.

The guest explained the action taking was trying to “highlight the ecological impact” of transport systems which are contributing to climate change.

They also expressed the disruption and backlash caused “wasn’t intended” to be taken in such a way and stated the protestors “apologised”.

Although they said they understood the frustrations of those who were trying to get to work, the guest also stated they “also knew the frustrations we’re going to be facing as a species,” if the government don’t take action.


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In the midst of their earlier discussion, Susanna and Ben also spoke to Mahatir Pasha, one of the commuters who took the footage they’d been watching on the show.

The guest said: “Absolutely shocking scenes. I didn’t expect to see anything like this.”

Describing the moment passengers realised something was wrong, Mahatir said the tube driver made an short announcement before he was cut off as the protestors took over.

He explained how he and many others were then told to leave the station as the police arrived on the scene to deal with the disruption.

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