Louisa Lytton: I wouldve done anything to have a child – even doing it on my own

EastEnders star Louisa Lytton has been married to her husband Ben Bhanvra since 2022, after originally meeting in 2017, and the couple welcomed their beautiful daughter Aura two years ago.

Although she admits to having an incredible support system around her, the 34 year old, best known for her iconic role of Ruby Allen on the streets of Watford, revealed she was so determined to become a mum that she even considered doing it on her own when she was younger.

In a recent episode of Giovanna Fletcher'sHappy Mum Happy Baby podcast, Louisa chatted about her previous relationships, which weren't always successful, and how she would have 'found a way' to make sure she had a baby as she felt it was her calling in life.

She said: "I was with someone for off and on for about six years. It was not a great relationship.

"I don't think I ever really had the thought whilst being with him of having children. I knew I wanted kids, which is quite telling, isn't it? If I knew I wanted kids, but probably didn't really want them with him, I don't know why held on for so long, but we do what we do.

"And then after him actually was when I went into panic mode… I remember panicking then thinking, what now happens. And you know what, there was a part of me that I would have just, I would have found a way to have a child on my own. Because having the child for me was like the ultimate in life. That's not for everyone, but it just always was with me."

Fast forward a few years, Louisa tied the knot with husband Ben in Siena, Tuscany, in front of family and close friends after being forced to postpone it three times due to Covid-19.

Louisa and Ben, who exclusively invited OK!, said that the ceremony was "magical” and that they were “relieved” they made it to the altar, after waiting so long.

Louisa said: "I just felt relieved. I felt like we had finally done it. It’s the same for any COVID bride. And I think we’re just so relieved. I remember us giggling at the altar, just thinking about how long it took to get us here."

Ben added: “Yeah, we couldn’t stop giggling with tears in our eyes.”

One year before their wedding, the couple welcomed Aura and ever since becoming a mum the actress has opened up on motherhood and the scrutiny women can face.

Speaking to OK!, Louisa admitted it can be difficult being "pulled in lots of different directions."

But, most importantly it seems, the star is finally living out her dreams and said, “I always wanted to be a mum, but you never know how much you can love another person until you have a baby."

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