Love After Lockup exclusive: Lizzy gets caught up and Daniel learns about her ex

Love After Lockup couple Daniel and Lizzy have been suspect since the beginning. She keeps talking about this secret that she is hiding and while he was locked up, she barely wrote or called and didn’t visit him once. While she blames it on work and school, viewers seem to think there is more to the story.

Daniel’s mom is already not thrilled about Lizzy drinking. She made that clear when the welcome home party for him aired on Love After Lockup. Drinking has been a sticking point in her mind, and it looks like Lizzy will have that come back to haunt her.

In this exclusive Love After Lockup clip, Daniel and Lizzy are at a bar and she spots her ex-boyfriend. Of course, he notices her looking at the other guy and wants answers. Lizzy explains that it is her ex, but things take a weird turn. The man is seen texting someone and then she receives a text. Lizzy admits it was from the guy she used to run for. She was a pill runner for a drug dealer.

Then, Lizzy explains that they are acting suspicious and they think she and Daniel are wearing wires. The rest of the story is up in the air as that is when the clip ends. What does this mean for the future between these two? Could Lizzy jeopardize everything Daniel has worked for by not telling him the whole story? She admitted that he doesn’t know the whole truth.

On social media, it doesn’t appear that Lizzy and Daniel are still together. While Love After Lockup viewers are waiting to find out what she is hiding, it is likely that he already knows. Something isn’t right, and it looks like things may be coming to a head during tonight’s episode.

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