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THIS year's Love Island winter edition has sparked quite a stir online, and not just because of the dramatic break-ups and make-ups.

Fans of the ITV show have picked up on mistakes and editing errors including some they claim were done to "add to the drama".

Just last night, a technical blunder revealed Will Young and Jessie Wynter had been booted off the show before it aired on TV.

It's comes as Love Island was announced to have just half of the viewing figures it did in 2019, with an average of 2.8 million per episode.

PR expert Jack Cooper, of EdHopkins PR, told us: "I definitely think that this has been the most blunder-filled series yet.

"Every mistake has been picked up on and fairly obvious, although I am unsure why the mistakes are being made."

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A poll carried out by The Sun revealed 80 per cent of fans thought the show was "too staged" and "no longer like reality TV".

With this in mind, we reveal some of Winter Love Island's biggest technical gaffes and blunders from the series so far.

Technical glitches

The first episode of this season had an explosive start – and not just because Maya Jama “stole the show” with her array of stunning dresses.

Viewers took to Twitter after noticing a number of “glitches” that left them “stressed” and struggling to “get through this episode”.

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One wrote: “Did everyone's (sic) else’s telly just glitch or was it just mine?”

It didn’t appear to be an isolated incident as scores of fans took to Twitter to complain.

One Love Island fan said one “glitch had me STRESSED” and another added: “Trying to get through this episode when there’s a glitch every 2 seconds,”

Another joked: “Glad this is a nationwide problem, thought the glitch was just a consequence of me getting a telly from an auction.”

During that same episode, a number of fans vented that the 2023 cast looked very similar to previous stars.

One claimed the show produced “carbon copies” and another felt the Islanders were “just a copy and paste from last year with different names”.

Love triangle ‘staged’ row

During the love triangle drama between Shaq, Tanya and Martin, a heated argument kicked off because one star looked dramatically different between cuts in one scene.

It followed Martin announcing he felt “like causing some drama” and calling Tanya over to talk about their situation.

During that scene, she was shown wearing false eyelashes and had a face full of make-up, but moments later when she walked away to sit with Shaq both had been taken off.

Fans believed two separate clips had been edited together to make the drama look more intense than it was.

During that same episode, it was also pointed out that Tanya had been wearing a black midi dress but when the Islanders headed to bed she was seen getting out of a denim jumpsuit.

One fan wrote: "Erm editing issue? Why was Tanya just in a denim jumpsuit when she’s been wearing a dress all night?"

False eyelashes

There was a near-identical blunder when another cast member's false eyelashes suddenly vanished, just like Tanya's.

During one of the evening challenges last month, Zara Lackenby-Brown’s false eyelashes appeared to be falling off in one clip.

Shortly after it appeared she had taken them off and then they reappeared later on in the scene.

One TikTok user, who spotted the editing error, wrote: “Have they just edited the questions in the wrong order?

“Or have they edited her reaction there to make it look worse than it is? Definitely starting to think they’re making Zara out to be worse than she is.”

Disappearing boys

Bombshell Claudia Fogarty ruffled a few feathers when she entered the villa, but her scene was overshadowed by an editing error.

Footage showed the boys having a chat with the newbie around the fireplace, only for three of them to vanish seconds later.

Claudia was sat in the middle of the group with Ron, Casey and Shaq on her left side and more of the fellas on her right. 

But when the camera panned above them all, the trio of lads on the lad had disappeared from the shot.

It led to a backlash from viewers, including one who wrote: “Where has Ron gone? He was sitting next to Claudia a second ago.”

Another added: "Some of the boys have gone missing, terrible editing."

Casa Amor calamity

The vanishing boys wasn't the only technical mishap to catch the attention of fans, who spotted three other big blunders.

Earlier in the week, the girls were sent a text instructing them to grab what they needed and sneak out of the main villa and head to Casa Amor.

The boys were shocked to discover they had gone but eagle-eyed fans noticed a potential timeline issue.

Shaq was seen ironing Tanya’s green dress only for her to be wearing it seconds later and before her suitcase had been delivered.

Shaq was also seen wearing just his swim shorts in one scene, only to appear fully dressed in another clip when the boys found out the girls had left and then appeared undressed again.

Fans vented about clips being edited out of order, including one who wrote: “This is so staged and fake. Making me uncomfortable.” 

Another showed the girls leaving for Casa Amor at night time only to arrive in the day and then get ready for the night. Throughout all the clips they were all wearing bedtime attire and towels.

‘X-rated’ spelling mistake

Amid a fallout between Casey O’Gorman and Jessie Wynter following the Snog Marry Pie challenge, viewers were slightly distracted by a spelling mistake.

Eagle eyed fans noticed the word ‘impulse’ had been misspelled on a wall near to where Olivia Hawkins was getting ready.

One Reddit user posted: “What is written on the wall? Impluse??”

The gaffe left fans cackling in, with one commenting “Oh my god” and a series of crying-laughter emojis. 

Another noted: “Pluse means something quite different”. Urban Dictionary claims there’s an X-rated meaning for that term.

Mispronounced names

It's not just the main show that has suffered from blunders. In the spin-off show AfterSun some guest stars have struggled to pronounce stars' names.

Former Love Islander Georgia Steele came under fire when she said her strongest couple was "Tanya and … Zack" instead of Shaq.

Despite Maya correcting her, the guest doubled down and said: "I pronounce Zack because I always get it wrong. So I just say Zack but I know that’s obviously not his real name."

In response, one furious fan tweeted: "Why is Georgia renaming Shaq like that?? Learn his name plz, that’s just disrespectful."

Georgia wasn't alone. Ex-Islander Indiyah Polack made multiple "awkward" on-air blunders on AfterSun too.

She unintentionally called Frankie by the name "Bailey" and later when speaking to Claudia asked her about Will, when she was coupled up with Casey.

'More drama than Crossroads'

PR expert Jack Cooper says there "have been quite a few editing errors" in this season's Love Island but revealed the one he deemed the "worst".

He told us: "I think last night’s reveal of the dumped islanders has to be the biggest of the series without a doubt."

While he felt sympathetic to the show's "quick turnaround" and need to compress 24 hours of footage into an hour, he felt they should do better.

He told us: "Making silly editing mistakes with islanders disappearing in the background or follow on shots of clothing changes is the finer details that get picked up on which the previous series got mastered.

"I think that this shouldn't be getting missed anymore."

PR Carla Speight described the editing blunders as "quite the shock for a lot of viewers" who now see "the actual reality of reality TV".

"Though, you have to see the funny side, Love Island has had more drama than Crossroads!" she told us.

"But it seems to have shared the 'wobbly set’s and iffy production’ charm that Crossroads had.

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"Largely this series has been technically the worst one yet, in terms of production, editing and cast members mistakes.

"But I don’t think it’s going to impact Love Island too much as the fan base is strong, just as the ratings are."

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