Love Island bombshells: Meet Luke Trotman and Luke Mabbott, the latest bombshells in the villa

Luke Trotman and Luke Mabbott were teased at the end of Wednesday night's Love Island ahead of their arrival into the villa.

Luke Trotman is a 22 year old from Luton and is a semi-pro footballer and student.

The new islander, who will be known as Luke T, revealed he has a celebrity connection as his mum is a former The X Factor star.

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He said: “My mum was on The X Factor in 2007. She’s called Beverley Trotman and came sixth so I appeared on TV cheering her on in the audience.

"She’s done a few musicals and she’s in the Kingdom Choir now… but she didn’t perform at Meghan and Harry’s wedding!"

He says he's ready to get into a relationship and has his eye on four girls in the villa – Leanne, Siânnise, Sophie and Rebecca.

Meanwhile, other newbie Luke Mabbott is 24 from Redcar and is a heating engineer.

He says he has about 50 tattoos and has been mistaken for Baby singer Justin Bieber a few times.

He said: “I’ve been mistaken for Justin Bieber quite a few times. I’ve walked into clubs and been given VIP table service and free drinks because the Bouncer has thought I’m him!"

Luke M too has his eye on a number of the islanders, as he spilled: “I fancy Paige, Sophie, Shaughna and Rebecca in the villa. I've definitely got my eyes on Paige the most, she is definitely my type.”

The arrival of the two Luke’s into the villa comes just days after Rebecca’s arrival into the villa, where she made quite the entrance dressed as a Greek goddess as part of the Dirty Dancers challenge.

While she has turned the heads of many of the male islanders, she also has viewers at home confused by the mysterious 'patch' on her thigh.

After spotting the patch on the 21 year old's leg, one viewer asked on Twitter: "Why has Rebecca got a random white patch on her leg?"

A second pondered: "What's the white patch on Rebecca's thigh?," with a third musing: "What's with the patch [sic] "

Others guessed that the patch could be a nicotine patch, with one writing: "A girl really just made her #LoveIsland debut in a thong with a visible nicotine patch on her butt cheek. We has no choice but to stan."

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A second wrote: "Wait does any one else notice the nicotine patch on beckys leg, so they have to stop smoking to come on [sic] "

While a third tweeted: "Can someone please tell me if this plaster on Rebecca's leg is a nicotine patch?"

Another asked: "Is that a nicotine patch at the top of Rebeccas leg? [sic] "

However, others thought that the mysterious mark could be a contraceptive patch.

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One viewer asked: "Is that the contraceptive patch Rebecca's wearing?"

A second said: "From a glance… I THINK… Rebecca might have a contraceptive patch on her leg… And if that is the case big up Rebecca tbh, sure she doesn't give a s**t but wearing your contraceptive on TV has to attract some s**tty attitudes from some people."

A third added: "Is that a contraceptive patch that I just saw on the new girls thigh? Am I seeing things? If not, what is it?"

Love Island continues Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV2.

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