MAFS Ella teases mystery contestant who gave me confidence I needed amid JJ recoupling

Married At First Sight star Ella Morgan has opened up about the show's mystery contestant who gave her the "confidence" she needed, amid reports of a sensational 'recoupling' with co-star JJ Slater.

Things are about to get heated on MAFS as Ella and JJ are reportedly unfaithful with their spouses and in an explosive twist will return to the social experiment as a new couple. It comes after Nathanial Valentino revealed he left the E4 show early, with MailOnline now claiming that the reason is because Ella and JJ went behind their spouse's backs and shared a kiss.

While we'll have to wait to see exactly how it all plays out, Ella spoke exclusively to OK! and confirmed there was someone from the show who gave her the "confidence" and who she'll "thank forever".

Ella first told us about her newfound confidence since the show and said: "I love who I am, I've never felt so confident in my life, I love the inside, I love the outside.

"I feel the best I've ever been, I wasn't when I first came off the show, but now I'm like wow, I just love me."

She went on to reveal: "I got confidence myself but I did get it from someone else on the show, you'll see it when you watch it – how the story unfolds.

"Somebody else gave me the confidence that I felt like I needed and I've got that person to thank now forever and I'm so so grateful and I wouldn't have met that person if it wasn't for the show.

"So part of my confidence is from a certain person, but part of it is from me finding it myself. I've come away knowing who I am and I don't need to question it and if I'm around the right people, the best people for me, I'll never question it again." While Ella didn't disclose exactly who it was, viewers are reportedly going to see Ella and JJ asking bosses if they can return as a couple in their own right.

A source told the MailOnline of the upcoming explosive twist in MAFS and said: "Ella and Nathanial tried to take their relationship to the next level but agreed they were better off as friends." The source went on to reveal that Nathanial had reportedly been so taken aback and "disappointed" by Ella's actions in the experiment that he simply couldn't carry on with their journey any longer.

They continued: "After initially leaving the show when their marriages failed, Ella and JJ were given permission by the relationship experts to come back, which certainly ruffled feathers among the cast who have taken the process seriously from the beginning."

It comes after Ella exclusively told OK! of how Nathanial made her question who she was. Opening up about this, she said: "At the second commitment ceremony, he was making me question myself, until that point, I haven't really.

"Before the show, I was very confident with who I was, I thought 'I love Ella, I know who Ella is' and then I started to doubt that a lot because of things that were said with Nathanial and it's not a nice feeling.

"I felt like I was trying to adapt to be liked by someone so desperately because I just wanted him to fancy me."

When asked how she felt when Nathanial questioned who she was, Ella told us: "He shouldn't have, I was fine until that point and I never felt so insecure around a guy, because I love myself and I think I've got the best personality, I never questioned it, he made me question it.

"I finally like who I am, so for someone to come along and make you question something that you've never questioned or haven't in years, I thought why did he say that and I wish he hadn't.

"It was hard watching it back and I don't agree he should have said that".

Married At First Sight continues Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4

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