MAFS UK star fuming over show leaks and confronts out of order cast members

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    Married at First Sight UK star Terence Edwards has revealed he's confronted his co-stars over the "out of order show leaks".

    The DJ quit the process during Wednesday's (October 11) commitment ceremony after deciding to leave his marriage to wife Porscha Pernelle after being match together by the E4 show's relationship experts.

    Terence's decision to exit the experiment came after he learned his other half kissed other contestants during a game of spin the bottle. While the couple's relationship has been rocky to stay the least, Porsha appeared to be under the impression that they were currently in a good place.

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    The latest blow came when it emerged that Porscha had kissed several other cast members during a game of spin the bottle, which wasn't aired. During the latest commitment ceremony, Terence insisted he would be quitting, leaving his wife Porscha "blindsided", as she claimed that just minutes before he had been reassuring her.

    Since the show has aired, numerous stories have been leaked including an alleged affair, a fight between two grooms as well as claims that Porscha was questioned by the police after "cutting up" Terence's clothes and "smashing two designer watches".

    Speaking to Daily Star, Terence said: "I honestly can not believe some of the leaks coming out and it's frustrating. I get snippets may come out before the episode and that makes sense.

    "The story about Porscha and my watches was irratating because I didn't leak that story. I put a message in the group with the other cast members and said 'Whoever done that is out of order'. If I'd done it, you would know I'd done it and I would own it, it's that simple but it's naughty some of the stuff coming out.

    "The bottom line is we've all got families and bigger picture is we're humans and people have got families and they don't need the added stress."

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    A Channel 4 spokesperson said: "Some clothing was damaged on location but the contributor had the items replaced or was reimbursed by production."

    Married at First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday on E4 at 9pm

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