Matt Tebbutt leaves guest red-faced as they cook wrong dish: Another recipe!

Saturday Kitchen: Tom Parker Bowles cooks wrong dish

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Tom Parker-Bowles gave a helping hand to Matt Tebbutt on Saturday Kitchen as the BBC presenter had to rustle up “Food Hell” for guest, Alex Jones. The One Show host had told Matt her “Food Heaven” was a tuna Nicoise salad, but BBC viewers had other ideas and voted for Matt to cook her “Food Hell”, barbecue lamb skewers.

Complete with a blue cheese dressing, Alex nervously waited as Tom and Matt got to work, with the former tasked with making the sauce.

Explaining what went into the dressing, Matt told viewers: “Blue cheese, sour cream, blitz, blitz, blitz. Let it down with a bit of milk or a bit of water.”

Matt’s ingredients, meanwhile, included lamb, thyme, oregano, mint, lemon, courgettes and lettuce.

But as Alex delved into the details about a new show she’s working on, Matt tried to remain discreet to let Tom know he’d gone wrong – although eventually called him out in front of everyone.

As Tom and Matt cooked, Alex explained she was working on a show which reunited people with others close to them who’ve been separated for periods of time – all inside a hotel.

“It’s a lovely show and there’s a lot of lightness in there as well, “ Alex explained. 

“There’s a lot of funny moments because we’ve got these brilliant staff members who, you know, have become characters… it’s kind of like First Dates.”

Matt weighed in: “I was gonna say it’s like First Dates Hotel with a bit more… It’s like The Repair Shop for people.”

Alex added: “Hopefully it’s going to be lovely and it’ll be on at the end of the year.”

“It’s going to make me cry, isn’t it?” wine expert Helen McGinn weighed in.

But unbeknownst to Alex, Matt could be seen whispering “wrong dish” to a red-faced Tom.

Alex replied, unaware: “I think it will make you cry. There was this little girl and she has this specific condition and she needs this suit, she’s only tiny, she’s two and a half maybe three, and she needs this suit to help tone her muscle so she can stand. 

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“She can’t do anything, and this care home in the pandemic raised all this money to make sure she got all the equipment she needed. 

“The parents had never really been to the care home to be able to thank them because of what’s been going on and then they met and they saw the little girl walk and, I mean… it helps you remember that we’ve got a lot of good people and the human spirit is very much alive. 

“There are kind people, it’s lovely,” Alex concluded before Matt weighed in: “That was a beautiful story. 

“However, I was slightly distracted by Tom who is making part of the dish from another recipe,” Matt pointed out, embarrassing his guest.

Everyone roared with laughter as Tom joked: “I took an executive decision that it would work, basically.”

“Are we having a mash-up of tuna Nicoise and lamb skewers?” Alex jokingly probed.

“May as well carry on,” Matt laughed as it turned out Tom had included anchovies in his blue cheese dressing.

Saturday Kitchen airs Saturdays at 10am on BBC One.

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