Max George's model ex warns new partner Stacey Giggs that he could fall for Strictly curse

A MODEL who was cruelly dumped by singer Max George over the phone has warned his new partner Stacey Giggs that he could fall for the Strictly curse.

Carrie Baker, who was in a five-year relationship with the pop hunk, revealed how Max revelled in the attention of other women including pop queen Jennifer Lopez and UK beauty Amy Willerton.

The ex-waitress also told how 32-year-old The Wanted star Max — one of the contestants tipped to do well on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing — asked her father for her hand in marriage then changed his mind.

She claimed he would down 16 pints a night and regretted getting engaged to actress Michelle Keegan because he was drunk when he popped the question.

And she said Max claimed the Our Girl star was still with him when she fell for her now-husband Mark Wright.

Max got Carrie pregnant but she miscarried. Soon after dumping her, he moved in with new love Stacey — ex-wife of Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs, 46.

Carrie says: “I wouldn’t like to be in her shoes. Everyone knows what Strictly is like — and I know what Max is like. He’s a serial flirter.

“I thought I was going to marry him and have his children.

“I’ve never been in love like that and it broke my heart when he left.

“He handled it all wrong and ­people need to know the truth.”

The former Miss Oklahoma met Max in February 2014 when he walked into LA bar Rock And Reilly’s where she was a waitress.

The Wanted had announced their split and Max had quit Manchester to live in LA in a bid to crack the States as a solo artist.

Carrie, 28, recalled: “I walked past Max and he said, ‘Hey, you new  here? What’s your name?’ I told him and he said, ‘Can I order a shot? One for you, a Bud Light and your number.’

“I recognised Max because I often listened to The Wanted’s music on the radio. I thought he was hot and had a great voice.

"When I finished work at 2am I asked if he and his manager wanted to come to a party.

“When I dropped them home later, Max refused to leave the car, saying, ‘I’m going to stay with you tonight.’

“He got a room at the Mondrian Hotel and we hung out all night drinking whisky and talking.”

Within weeks Carrie had moved into Max’s one-bedroom apartment just off Sunset Boulevard.

They later adopted Derek, a border ­terrier mix, and Yorkie mix Mocha.

And Carrie recalls their joy when she found out she was pregnant ­during their first year together — but she lost the baby soon after.

Carrie says: “A few weeks later, I flew to England and his family really embraced me. I was so grateful for their support.”

Within a year of moving in together, Max asked Carrie’s dad if he could propose to his daughter — but he never did. She said: “He’d say his fans would get upset.

“I pointed out that he had been engaged to Michelle and he said he was drunk when he asked her and had regretted it later.

“He told me she fell for Mark while they were together. They split up because Max found out about it.”

Carrie was not surprised by Max’s story of the drunken proposal.

She said: “He would go to the pub four nights a week and would always say, ‘I’m only having one or two’.

“When he got home, I would ask, ‘How many did you have?’ He would say, ‘About 16.’ Plus he’d have shots.

“Max has social anxiety and drinks to feel better. He’d hate going out and would play video game Football Manager all day or watch sports.

“If I suggested we went out for dinner, he would say, ‘No, let’s order food,’ saying he didn’t want to leave the dogs. If we did, it would turn into a drinking session.

"He refused to take me to red carpet events, saying it would upset his fans, but then I saw photos of him out with girls.

“In one, he was having a Mother’s Day brunch with his mum and Miss Great Britain Amy Willerton.

“He denied anything happened. He was even contacted by J-Lo’s manager, who said she wanted to hang out with him.”

Over the years Max has also been linked to a string of other beauties including model Nina Agdal, actresses Lindsay Lohan and Carmen Electra, X Factor star Tulisa and even Meghan Markle, with the pair said to have messaged each other in 2015.

Carrie added: “When photos or videos of Max with other girls would pop up on the internet his dad would call me to explain what had happened.

“Often he would go missing and later claim that his phone wasn’t working or he had lost it.”

Carrie, who is now studying to be a nurse, says Max became stressed about money so the pair moved into her mum’s Las Vegas apartment in 2017 to save for a home of their own.

“Max was going back to the UK for work. I said I’d go with him but he said I should continue with my nursing in the US.

"I went over to spend Christmas with his family in December 2018 and ­everything seemed fine.

“I returned to America and in February 2019 I received a tearful call from him. He said, ‘You deserve to be happy and I can’t give that to you living in England.’

"Two months later my mum sat me down and said, ‘Max has a girlfriend’.

“I went online and saw it was Stacey. They’d had their names tattooed on each other’s wrists.

“Mutual friends said they met when we were together — but he promises me he was not seeing Stacey before we separated.

"I’ve looked at pictures of them and I don’t get it. I can’t see him being happy in that relationship.”

In 2017, Stacey settled in a £40million divorce battle with Ryan, who cheated on her with his brother Rhodri’s wife.

Max and Stacey, 41, now live together in her £3.5million home in Worsley, Gtr Manchester.

In March Max talked about Stacey, saying: “I’ve always wanted to get married and I love kids. I wouldn’t be with her if I didn’t see a future.”

But Carrie says she no longer believes a word her ex says.

She told us: “He rang me in secret from his friend’s phone last December. He kept saying he was sorry.

“But I don’t believe anything he says. I don’t want to see him again. I am finally over him.”

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