Mrs Brown’s Boys: Brendan O’Carroll reveals Queen secret ahead of BBC special

Mrs Brown’s Boys actor Brendon O’Carroll, dropped a very impressive bombshell on the cast and fans of the BBC comedy sketch, by revealing that the Queen herself watches the Christmas Special before it’s aired on TV.

According to the star who plays Mrs Brown, advanced copies are sent to Buckingham Palace for the Royal Family to enjoy.

The irony is, the actors themselves don’t get to see the show beforehand, but they make a special exception for Her Majesty.

The 64-year-old comic said: “One of the few to get a preview copy is Buckingham Palace.

“I was speechless a couple of years ago when our producer first told me that they wanted an advance copy.”

Queen Elizabeth is allowed a sneaky preview of the Christmas and New Year shows, which will surely leave the royals in a good mood over the festive period.


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Fans of the sketch show, can expect to see an episode based on the legendary Christmas film, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’.

And, the New Year instalment will take a sightly modern approach, inspired by Netflix’s popular prison series, Orange is the New Black – or in this case, Orange is the New Mammy.

The parody episode will detail some of the same goings-on as the real drama, but with the cast’s silly sense of humour added in.

Don’t expect a serious show, you will be bitterly disappointed!

Sharing some details about Orange Is The New Mammy, Brendon said: “What happened is Peggy Piper poisoned her husband Peter by putting poison into his Pernod.

“She’s been released from prison on parole.”

The actor said that the star of the It’s a Wonderful Life parody, Agnes Brown, will be left questioning life after she had a number of big arguments on Christmas Day.

He told RSVP Live: “The Christmas Day one is called ‘It’s a Wonderful Mammy’ and Agnes is in Foley’s after having a row with Winnie, Cathy and her daughter in law and she is fed up with them all.”

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“She says to herself, ‘Do you ever wish you weren’t here’ and an angel appears beside her in the form of Kevin Kennedy and he helps her with that and shows her what life would be like if she wasn’t there.

“If you have seen ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, you will know that everybody’s life is devastated, well everyone’s life is bloody fantastic without her.”

Last month, Brendan teased that this year’s Christmas instalment of Mrs Brown’s Boys will be “the best one yet” and he’s not worried about any of the competition they are up against.

With the show’s rising popularity, Brendon’s confident claim might not be far off, even though Christmas TV is usually jam-packed with shows all competing for the highest figures.

And, due to popular demand, the BBC show has had to add extra shows to their 2020 tour.


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After all tickets are sold out in a short space of time, more live shows in Bournemouth, Blackpool, Edinburgh have been added to the lineup, and fans are ecstatic.

Taking to Twitter, fans gushed: “Can’t wait to see you next year at Birmingham front row.”

“Can’t wait!! Kids bursting with excitement to see Mrs Brown,” another exclaimed.

A third said: “Hi Brendan your Fantastic!”

“The best show on TV and now live!!!” Someone else cheered.

It’s safe to say there’s no shortage of love for this acclaimed BBC show.

The special episodes of Mrs Browns Boys air on Christmas Day and New Years Day at 10.30pm on BBC One.

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