‘My head is spinning’ Angel Adoree details concern over Escape to the Chateau move

Angel Adoree reveals the stresses of moving house

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In an old episode of Escape to the Chateau, Angel Adoree detailed her concerns over the family move to their French Chateau. Speaking with her husband Dick Strawbridge, the pair had to think about their family whilst organising their final move. After finally moving in, Dick and Angel had their work cut out as the Chateau was falling apart.

With their ambitious plans, Dick and Angel had a lot of work ahead of them to get their family moved in, just three weeks after they got the keys.

“My head is spinning,” Angel said with her hands on her head, “we’ve got so much to organise, and I’ve got a family to look after, so mum and dad are going to be living in the grand salon to start with.”

Dick them reminded her: “We have to have the heating in place before they can move into that, is it going to be warm enough?

“The kids are going to have a bath at night, we have to have so many things sorted out [and] it’s starting to get a little bit scary.

“We’ve got all these things going on if you try and carry them all in your head, it’ll explode,” he explained.

Soon, all their possessions were crammed into a van, with the rest of their belongings following behind shortly after.

After arriving in France, Dick turned to Angel and said: “The whole of this document says: ‘Do not buy this chateau.’

“It says it’s all our risk, anything happens so -” but Dick was interrupted as their daughter Dorothy then started to cry, which prompted the Channel 4 favourite to joke: “Dorothy, it’s enough to scare me, sweetheart, never mind you.

Looking at his wife, he told Angel: “It is, it’s really quite worrying but -” 

Angel quickly interjected: “He’s going to say, ‘sold as seen’.

“Are you all right with that?” he asked, as Angel comforted him and agreed.

They soon met with the vendor and finalised their sale, and their fairy-tale dream of living in a French chateau finally came true.

Opening the door to their new home for the first time, Dick exclaimed: “Come to life, look how beautiful that is.”

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Feeling overwhelmed, Angel started to cry whilst looking around their new home, Dick comforted her and said: “Right, let’s get to work.”

The pair had a huge task ahead of them as they needed to renovate the entire chateau in order for them to live in and also host weddings.

When they first looked through the Chateau, there was an electrical fire, crumbling roofs, freezing cold temperatures, and no working plumbing or electricity.

Dick referred back to the 200 pages they were left and joked: “200 plus pages of reasons not to buy a house.

“Look at the sewage, look at the electrics in here, look at the lead paint, asbestos, it basically says ‘Don’t buy me’.”

Whilst Dick believed he could renovate the house himself, Angel had other priorities, which included decorating the children’s rooms.

“When I walk into a room, I know that Dick’s thinking, ‘Okay, well, the radiators are going to go there, the plumbing’s going there’.

“And I’m thinking, ‘oh, there’s going to be a giraffe there’, I’m thinking that everything is around shelves, and we sit here with our books.”

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All4. 
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