My Mum, Your Dad star Elliott goes back to super-normal job after finding fame on show

Father of two and My Mum, Your Dad star Elliot Davidson has already had enough of the famous life and has headed back to his normal 9-5 job.

The hunky contestant from the hit ITV show, hosted by Davina McCall, might have found love with Sharon Benson and created a large fan base following but it's back to normality now as he returns to his job as a PE teacher.

During a joint Q&A with his son on Instagram, he was asked by a fan: "What are you both doing now?"

Elliot answered that he has "just gone back to work, so I'm doing that."

Elliot son, Zach who fans will also know from appearing on the reality show, told fans that he has started preparing to begin his final year of university in London.

However, the good news is that Elliot is still together with his love match and education professional, Sharon, with both their children, including Sharon's daughter Tia, 'chuffed.'

Fans watched as Sharon struggled to let down her guard due to previous hurt in relationships, but Elliot proved to be the man for the job and a connection soon blossomed.

Elliot has made no secret of his love for the show, posting snaps to his Instagram after the final. One of the group was captioned: "What a blast," with another of him and Sharon, which said: "She smiles… what a journey."

Davina McCall recently told The Sun that she was thrilled that her hard work on the show pulled off, after 'manifesting' the format for older daters.

She said: "I want to present this show for the rest of my life!

"I love watching love blossom, and it blossomed very organically and very slowly and sweetly.

"I've been sent photographs of couples since! I'm not going to tell you how many. But there’s a few. The show works. I really am Cupid!"

Elliot and Sharon join another two couples as 'winners' who found love and gained their children's approval. Roger Hawes and Janey Smith and Paul Edwards and Natalie Russell also left happy, but sadly since the show ended Paul and Natalie have called it quits.

The pair cited travel distance – Natalie lives in Bournemouth and Paul in Bath – and their natural independence as hurdles that caued the downfall.

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