Naked Attraction star left gobsmacked after X-rated chat up line goes south

Naked Attraction star Jerome was left high and dry after his filthy chat-up line left his stunning date Amber hiding behind her hands as she cringed.

After the 24-year-old narrowed down his choices to his final two women on their appearance alone, Jerome hoped Amber would be interested in going on a second date with him.

But it was clear – especially to the viewers at home – that there was no chemistry between to two after they suffered through a cringe worthy dinner date on the Channel 4 show.

One of the biggest turn-off's viewers theorised was his X-rated chat-up line which left viewers gobsmacked as they watched the show from the comfort of their own homes.

After the pair got dressed, they were seen making small talk on a dinner date together now dressed to impress their good-looking partner.

However, it appeared as though the 22-year-old waitress wasn’t as interested in the rugby player when she got to know him a bit better after they started sharing saucy secrets on the date.

One of the chat-up lines the singleton used on the date started: “Best things come in small packages …"

However, the rest of the comment left Amber hiding behind her hands as she recoiled at the rude comment on the show.

Immediately, the blonde bombshell confessed that a line like that would put her off from dating the star outside of the show as she responded: “No, no. That’s one of the things I'd look at and go, ‘Not today’.”

But it seemed as though Jerome wasn’t picking up on her uncomfortable nature as he remained hopeful that the pair would meet up again soon.

He told the camera crew: “Definitely, I fancy her, there’s potential of something happening there.”

Yet when he asked her to go for another drink with him away from the cameras, the contestant politely turned him down.

She said: “I really like you as a person. I think you’re lovely and bubbly bit I can see you going past friends.”

And it was clear to see that Jerome was left with a sour taste in his mouth after their date when she told him that she was going home to Sheffield after their drink but instead ditched him for a night out on the town with her friends.

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