NBC Has Officially Announced the Pricing Information for Their Streaming Service, Peacock

Everyone knows that NBC is releasing its own streamingplatform. Everyone knows some of the shows that will be featured on theplatform, and the exciting original content NBC is planning for its launchdate. What the general public didn’t know was when the service would bereleased and how much it would cost. NBChas remained tightlipped about Peacock’s release date and the pricing structurefor the service, all while competitors happily shared their plans with thepublic. The wait, however, is finally over. NBC has officially released pricinginformation and they’ve committed to a release date, too.

When will NBC’s streaming service launch

NBC will launch the streaming platform in two phases. Thefirst phase will only be available to Comcast Xfinity TV subscribers. Theofficial launch date for those who already subscribe to Comcast is set forApril 15. Comcastsubscribers will get the first look at Peacock because the platform isactually a collaborative effort between Comcast and NBCUniversal.

Those who don’t currently have Comcast service will need to waita bit longer to access all of the titles available from Peacock. The officiallaunch date for the rest of the population is set for July 15, reports TheVerge.

How much will the service cost?

Peacock’s pricing structure is significantly different thanthe pricing structures offered by competitors in the streaming space. NBC willapproach their pricing in tiers, meaning subscribers will have the option topick different price points, depending on what cable service provider theycurrently have, and what type of content they would like to see.

A free, ad-supported version of the platform will be availableto anyone with an internet connection, but free subscribers will only gain accessto about 50% of the platform’s content. Instead of 15,000hours of streaming content, free subscribers will be able to access nearly7,500 hours of content. How the content will be sectioned off remains unknown.

To access all 15,000 hours of programming, subscribers willneed to pay up. An ad-enabled version will be available for $5 per month. Apremium, ad-free experience can be had for $10 per month. Those who have Comcastor Cox Communication services will be able to access the ad-free platform for $5per month. The ad-enabled version will be offered to Comcast and CoxCommunication customers for free.  

What shows will be housed on Peacock?

Peacock’s streaming catalog will be filled with excitingtitles. As of now, the streaming service will house around 400 differentseries, including original content, and 600 movies. They are also planning tooffer live and on-demand content that includes sports, news, and reality TV,according to Variety.

The platform will house TV classics like EverybodyLoves Raymond, 30 Rock, House, and King of Queens.The platform’s reality platform will be fairly robust, too. Keeping Up Withthe Kardashians, ChrisleyKnows Best and The Real Housewives franchise will all be availablefor streaming, according to TechCrunch.

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NBC doesn’t plan to rely on existing content to entice subscribers,either. The most significant announcements regarding the platform have to dowith original content. The network announced that they’d be rebooting a coupleof TV classics, much to the excitement of potential subscribers. The streamingplatform will house a reboot of SavedBy the Bell and PunkyBrewster. Further original content is expected, as well.

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