Neil Jones’ bizarre comments in Strictly clip explained – and it’s now what you think!

Strictly's Twitter account had fans in fits of laughter after sharing a clip of the couples dancing with their microphones switched on, giving viewers an insight into the sort of thing that they say to each other during their performances, which included everything from encouragement to reminding them to do certain dance moves. However, it was certainly Neil Jones' who got the most attention! During the clip, Twitter users were bemused by what Neil had to say to Alex, which included "There's a favourite leg," and "Beans on toast". However, we suspect that the sayings are not quite as nonsensical as they might seem!

In fact, it is likely that Neil is commenting on the celebrity's dance moves, and so was reminding her to hold her leg in the right away. Anneka Rice previously revealed some of Kevin Clifton's secret hacks while teaching her dance moves, which including "the egg", "picking up the piece of old tissue that got caught on your shoulder," "fat panda" and "the balloon underwater", so the chances are that 'beans on toast' was simply one of Neil's teaching techniques.

Why did Neil say 'beans on toast' during the performance?

Fans loved the video, with one joking: "Favourite leg? Beans on toast? Neil are you okay," while another added: "I always wonder what they say during the dance. This was hilarious!" In the clip, Katya Jones also told her partner, Mike Bushell, to go slower, before shouting: "Good boy!" Anton du Beke praised his partner, Emma Barton, saying: "Gorgeous," before adding: "Keep going around!" as they waltzed together, while Dev Griffin hilariously started shouting: "Akka akka akka", while dancing with Dianne Buswell.

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