Only Connect fans ultimate question revealed with twist as new series start date revealed

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Rob Cromarty, Dan Sproat-Clements and Aidan Sproat-Clements were tasked with finding what links “Phone driver”, “Ed Towers” and “Loin”. Contestant Rob was the first to hit the buzzer, telling host Victoria Coren Mitchell: “They are anagrams of your Only Connect hieroglyphs.”

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And he was right! But how?

“They are anagrams of hieroglyphs, very well done,” nodded Victoria, adding: “I am going to give you the last clue.”

She revealed it was ‘ET war’ and then asked: “What are the anagrams for?”

“Horn viper, two reeds, lion and water,” the trio answered.

Victoria said: “Shall I tell you some others? Horned viper – no perv hired. If only, if only, is what I would say to that. It could have also been hide porn rev, and hen provider.”

“All examples of hieroglyphs used in Only Connect, very well spotted,” she added.

The 17th series of the show – featuring 28 episodes – returns to BBC Two on July 12 at 8pm. In the first show, three NHS medics will take on a team of librarians in a battle of patience and lateral thinking billed as Scrubs v Librarians.

Only Connect episodes are also available to stream via the BBC iPlayer app and website.

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