Original Gladiator eyes up spot on Strictly Come Dancing

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Former Gladiator James Crossley recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming BBC reboot and teased his participation in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

In an exclusive interview with Betway, James was asked whether he would like to take part in any other reality shows after previously starring in the Channel 4 series, The Circle.

He admitted: “The Circle was a pretty bad experience for me. The producers were very naughty. It wasn’t a good experience on my end.

“We didn’t play the show, with The Circle, the producers were playing the show. We were like their puppets and they weren’t really clear about that beforehand.

“They apologised to me afterwards. It wasn’t a reality show. I walked into it naively thinking it was a reality show, but they were changing my decisions left, right and centre.”

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James added: “I was being overruled and at one point I tried to leave. I came out as being myself because I was so frustrated. I just said I was walking and left.”

But when approached with the idea of taking on the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom, James was more than up for it.

He expressed: “I’m 100 percent up for that. The thing is, being a competitive person, I wanted to be in charge and make my decisions on The Circle.

“Something like Strictly, absolutely. I’d love to do it. Anything where you’re actually in a competition and how much hard work and effort you put in.

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“Obviously, on Strictly some contestants have massive advantages, but I still think it’s about putting the work in and doing the best you can.”

In the past, James has been very open about his experience with Gladiators and admitted he was told how “horrific” he was.

The athlete recalled: “It was horrific for me because I was a bodybuilder at the time. All I had done since I was 12 was bodybuilding, so I struggled massively in that first year because I wasn’t athletic.

“Basically, Gladiators favour gymnasts and people who can climb. I really struggled in that first year. Not being that athletic at the time, I massively struggled.

“I remember the producer came up to me in that first year and said, ‘Hunter, you’re awful.’ That was a bit of a rocky moment for me because I went on to train twice a day for six years.”

Gladiators returns to BBC One later this year.

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