'Outlander' Season 5: Fans Weigh in on the Upcoming Season

Outlander may have a premiere date, but It’s still a few months away. Fans of the series can’t wait and are giddy with anticipation. So what do viewers really think of the premiere date and the upcoming season which is set for 2020? Read on to learn more.

‘Outlander’ gets a premiere date and fans react

Outlander fans are thrilled that we now have a premiere date for the new season, but not so excited that it’s still so far off. The premiere of season 5 will finally happen on February 16, 2020, and fans have a lot of feelings about this revelation. Reddit is full of people eager to share their opinions.

“Oh well, it’s progress! It’s nice they recognise that thereneeded to be more Claire and Jamie screen time,” a Reddituser said. “It’s the one thing I missed in the last season. Being out atFrasers Ridge as they built the cabin was one of the only times they were ableto just “be” and it would have been nice to see more of that. The last seasonfelt so rushed.”

“I’m okay with this. It will give me something to lookforward to in 2020 :),” another user said.

“Yesssssss 😭😭😭,” a Reddituser said.

“Just finished S4 at 1am this morning 🤣 Februarycannot get here soon enough,” someone else also noted.

Fans react to the new teaser trailer that has been released

Fans also have a lot of feelings about the new teaser trailer that’sbeen released for the upcoming season. “I couldn’t place a d*** scene in thistrailer and I DO NOT CARE. I am pumped. PUMPED!” a Reddituser wrote.

“It’s the perfect blend of wetting our whistle without revealing ad*** thing for plot lines. Well done!!” Someone else said.

“I really hope they aren’t inventing drama between Claire andJamie that isn’t needed with all of this future talk,” a Reddit user wrote. “Idon’t mind them deviating from the books some but I still want the essence ofthe characters to be the same.”

Some viewers aren’t that excited about season 5

However, not everyone is on the Outlander bandwagon. Some fans say it has grown stale and they aren’t as excited about upcoming seasons anymore as they once were.

“I just finished watching season 4, but for the first time sincestarting the series, I’m not excited for the next season,” someonenoted. “I love the show and I’m usually left wanting the next season assoon as one season finishes. Does anyone else feel this way? Anything I shouldbe looking forward too in season 5?”

“Season 4 was weird. There was no episode that was terrible for meand I wasn’t bored but when I got to the end it felt like such a let down. Toomany lows and not enough highs. It just felt off like it was missing something,”another user added. “And tbh I don’t think America was the most compellingsetting. I think it was missing it’s heart which was Scotland. There wasproblems in the plot and characters yes, but so much of what made it specialwas Scotland.”

“Season 3 and especially season 4 just seemed to have completelydifferent vibes from the first two seasons,” a Reddit user said. “I know thechemistry between Jamie and Claire had to change based on the plot but I stillfeel like they haven’t gotten it back yet and Brianna and Roger just distractfrom Jamie and Claire imo.”

Whatever the opinions of viewers, Outlander will be backfor season 5 in February. Hopefully, it’s everything fans need it to be.

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